🍂 Chillhop Essentials · Fall 2022 [chill lofi hiphop / cozy beats]

Sunday Jazz Continues; we’re broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta!!

  We’re chilling out, I told y’all earlier life is hectic!! per Sunday morning vibes earlier? I’m in the amen corner when the BeeGees were  talking about Staying Alive! staying alive is one of my missions; that’ll frighten an under achiever, somebody will understand a brotha!!

High voltage sounds? we’ll come with these but at the moment we’re chilling out!!  please believe me it’s no jive!! it’s going down like this!!

Chilled out / soulful sounds on a Sunday afternoon so we won’t spaz / swoon /   so we can get our minds right? it’s going down like this!!

We’re putting it down like this, coming through listening to Chillhop Essentials · Fall 2022 [chill lofi hiphop / cozy beats] courtesy of Chillhop Music!! 

It’s right on time as seasons change per the upcoming Fall Equinox!! check out the playlist and the mix!! we won’t quit / we won’t stop when we’re out in these streets!

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Chillhop Essentials Fall 2020 – chill instrumental beats

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza; we’re chilling out on a rainy evening in Atlanta..

Remnants of Hurricane / Tropical Storm Sally blow through, so we know what to do; somebody will understand a brotha…

We’re chilling hard like old school ice trays in the freezer / Frigidaire; an old school reference even though it’s not Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday..

We’re chilling hard!! from the premises? the arch nemesis is barred!!posted up earlier but we’ve got other work to do!! this good word is dropped and the good music will play!!

We’re chilling hard but not taking a leave of absence like Michael Caputo, we “see how it go”; seeing everything that’s moving, conspiracy theorists are out here showing / proving during this season…

Oh yes!! Seasons Change / Reasons change, act like you know!! prime examples provided per the shift from Virgo to Libra season? 

….per the Fall Equinox, O-Zone still rocks!! listening to Chillhop Essentials Fall 2020 – chill instrumental beats

…it’s courtesy of  Chillhop Music; O-Dizzle still rocks!! check out the playlist and the mix y’all!! I told you we’re chilling hard y’all; we’re not “out in those streets” 

Check this out at Chillhop Essentials Fall 2020 – chill instrumental beats


HJ7 Blends #61 – Raphael

Sunday Jazz err I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way..

Some will spazz, back to the regular scheduled programming after enjoying the Labor Day Holiday..

We’re back in the game like Penny Hardaway coaching after the veteran player status; schooling up and comers like Kawhi Leonard blocking Jamal Murray’s dunk attempt, now we’ll “holla atcha” with this..

Setting off this O-Dog Day Party in another way / form / or fashion, dealing with it so who’ll work with me? we’re back with this!!

….neo soul / jazzhop / soul jazz / hip hop  is provided by this HJ7 Blends #61 featuring Raphael

This is how we’ll roll!! check out the playlist and the mix as they drop something you can feel!!


1. 00:00 / Ignition – Part 1 – DELACROIX

2. 00:44 / Overcast – Evil Needle & Chromonicci

3. 03:20 / Tell Me How – Maverick Soul

4. 05:52 / Nu Path – Ivan Ave

5. 08:39 / Neil Armstrong – NanaBcool

6. 11:18 / i just want to… – cay caleb.

7. 13:55 / Gone – Alex Isley & Jack Dine

8. 17:30 / Que Bom Voltar – Bao

9. 20:14 / 10th Wonder (feat. Romderful) – KayFaraway

10. 22:58 / We Do It (DJ Spinna Remix) – Slum Village

11. 26:16 / Vices (feat. Aaron Terrapin) – Bao

12. 29:48 / Roy’s Kingdom (feat. Kyotey Grey) – Tall Black Guy

13. 31:02 / Boricua Morena (Prod. JAY OK) – Big Pun

14. 33:18 / NSDE – Bao

15. 34:08 / Freshers’ Fair (Crush) – Dornik

16. 37:48 / FREE (feat. Tinyman, Eklipse, K The Infinite, Ayeisha Raquel) – Dips & Lo-Wu

17. 42:21 / Girls Don’t Mind (feat. Aanya Martin) [Emmavie Ex-Files Remix] – Life

18. 45:27 / Mood Swings – Stan Forebee

19. 47:09 / Make It Go Away (feat. Tennishu, Billy Mercury & Mac Ayres) – Chris Anderson

20. 50:11 / Cash Flow (feat. Frank Nitt) – Que.D

21. 53:00 / Hityawitdat (Instrumental) – Lootpack

22. 54:37 / The Root – D’Angelo

Endless Sunday 😌 [Chillhop / instrumental beats]

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus; drop down / click on,  press the button; chilling out, O-Zone even had to press the reset button!!

Get into it / get involved!! rocking venues, fooling with this DJ,  our problems solved? probably not for a punishment glutton..

They’re upset son!!  corporations are established  / misery loves company meanwhile O-Dizzle tries to find out where the drums will be so in spiritual warfare they can be utilized..

Once again it’s on!! not aborting operations flashed through the portalknowing how the sport will go; opposition met? like Trump / Fox News fan  Tulsi Gabbard not invited to the DNC?  we’re not surprised…

Plots and schemes were devised, some cashed out like Vernon Jones at the RNC, now using the divide and conquer strategy to holla at me but we’re in chill mode; listening to Endless Sunday 😌 [Chillhop / instrumental beats]

Now these teams are surprised because we’re chilling in the midst of the chaos and confusion!! check out the playlist and the mix this is courtesy of Chillhop Music as we chill in the lab / shelter in place; we’re not “out in those streets!!

Check this out at Endless Sunday 😌 [Chillhop / instrumental beats]


Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday / Fabulous Friday, check out the conjunction….

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on, survival is the function…

Actually? we’re trying to thrive more than just stay alive; of course opposition will be met..

We’re bringing it all the way live from a remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta!! not quitting / stopping / refusing to forfeit..

…knowing how the sport can get, from Portland to your land as stormtroopers roll up..

…knowing how the sport can get, we’re all in it knowing it can get complex but we’re bringing these good words and funky loops when we roll up..

Listening to CHILLED HIP HOP AND NEO SOUL MIX #32 up in this piece!! it’s courtesy of Raphael

Trying to chill even though the madness hasn’t stopped!! check out the playlist and the mix as we let you know the deal!!

1. 00:00 / Broken Vibes [Outro] (feat. Vincent Parker) – Taylor McFerrin

2. 00:23 / Healing – K15

3. 02:11 / Intervention – Maverick Soul

4. 05:08 / Retail Therapy (feat. Barney Artist) – Dornik

5. 07:48 / Freddie‘s Winning Hand (feat. Howard McNair) – Jake Milliner

6. 10:37 / Sunrise (feat. One Only) – The Mouse Outfit

7. 14:08 / Bustling – Freddie Joachim

8. 16:14 / Energy – Alfa Mist & Emmavie

9. 18:40 / Alive (feat. Thandi Ntuli) – HARRIETT, Damani Nkosi & Ill Camille

10. 22:48 / Kendrick Lamar Alright Interlude/On da Dead Homies – Y.B.F. Productions

11. 24:32 / Phone Won’t Charge – Ivan Ave

12. 27:50 / Sweet Blue – Cleo Sol

13. 31:38 / How Far – Ego Ella May

14. 34:05 / 4th of July – BOSCO

15. 37:24 / Stay Down – Stay Down (feat. Like)

16. 40:02 / SMOKE W U (feat. Aloe Blacc) – MXXWLL

17. 40:42 / Love (In Legato) – MMYYKK

18. 45:00 / BASQUIAT (feat. Saba) – Jamila Woods

19. 51:23 / GameRestart – DJ Harrison

20. 53:30 / Frozen – Venuz Beats

21. 55:52 / Day Walk – Stan Forebee

22. 57:25 / Guest List Etiquette (feat. Joyce Wrice) – Ivan Ave

23. 1:00:51 / C’mon Now – Setwun

24. 1:04:44 / Sorry I’m Late, I Was In Quarantine (Prod. Cay Caleb) – Kin Kai

25. 1:07:35 / Let Go (feat. T3 & Devin Morrison) – OXP

26. 1:10:37 / Top of The World (BE w/ brandy) – KMB

27. 1:14:50 / WHAT’S WRONG? – Baro Sura, SilentJay & Remi

28. 1:18:00 / Love From The Sun Interlude (feat. Blake Johnston) – Tall Black Guy

29. 1:19:45 / Feel It (Prod. Intalekt & R-Kay) – Ayeisha Raquel ft TINYMAN

30. 1:23:15 / Lowdown (feat. Maiya Blaney) – OXP

31. 1:26:45 / Distance – Yebba

32. 1:30:33 / Jealousy – Slum Village & Abstract Orchestra

33. 1:35:00 / Alive – Marcus Strickland’s Twi-Life

34. 1:38:53 / Lockdown – Anderson .Paak

35. 1:42:21 / Manifestation (Mantra) – MMYYKK

36. 1:44:57 / Festival – Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes

Chillhop Essentials – Summer 2020・chill & groovy beats

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; this is my Friday Night Fever edition..

It’s also a Fabulous Friday, check the vibe!! at least I’m trying to play it that way / that’s how I’m living..

Spring and Gemini Season is coming to a close, the Summer Solstice and Cancer Season are on deck as we move to the next,,

Doing our thing, trying to move to a new season!! the soul is restless, reality cancerous per Covid 19 and systemic racism! the sport is complex..

Supposedly in the midst of a new normal but this weather forecaster knows how the storm will do!! the reign began with a drizzle…

…some will be able to see what he’s saying, now in the lab with this good music playing!! listening to Chillhop Essentials – Summer 2020・chill & groovy beats; it’s courtesy of Chillhop Music!! check the playlist and the mix to see what it do!!

Check this out at Chillhop Essentials – Summer 2020・chill & groovy beats

Twilight Downtown | JazzHop

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can play out either way.

Actually? it’s been a great day, I claimed  the terrific outcome, celebrated by pulling out the drum but being real about it? realized we’re still in the fray..

…nerves are frayed from Seattle to here in the ATL!! it’s dealt with from Louisville to Minneapolis..

I keep mentioning the twin pandemics of Covid -19 and systemic racism, my constituents? they know the deal, no need to “holla at us”

Meanwhile we’re back with this!! listening to this Twilight Downtown | JazzHop mix courtesy of Fantastic Music..

Check the playlist and the mix, chilling out with this after being in Downtown Atlanta earlier checking out the boarded up buildings as commerce is yielding to the social uprising!! some say for change? it’s conducive!!

Check this out at Twilight Downtown | JazzHop

Chillhop Essentials – Summer 2019 – chill & groovy beats

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; excuse a dude as he get’s retro-futuristic with it…

What it do?  check these menus as I go back to the future; lose me with the Trump spying on elections talk; this Negro won’t balk on the mound he’ll go ballistic..

What it do? we know how a con will play, supported by those talking “out the side of their neck” like Kellyanne Conway vs Democratic presidential candidates..

What it do? we know how a con will play!! the sport can get ugly like over in Haiti, as the people ask Jovenel Moise to show them the money from Venezuela!! even here in Atlanta a player hates!!

What it do? you know your son of God will play this smooth music from Chillhop Essentials – Summer 2019 – chill & groovy beats from the You Tube Chillhop Music channel..

Check out he playlist and the mix, we’re just chilling for a minute!!somebody will understand a brotha..

00:00:00 Yasper – Good Friends

00:02:40 sleepy fish – for when it’s warmer

00:06:16 Dontcry & Nokiaa & Deauxnuts & Azec – Wavey

00:08:55 Toonorth – Iced Tea

00:11:43 chief. – be here now

00:13:53 clap cotton – understatements

00:15:41 auv – McCarren

00:18:56 Evil Needle – Candlelight

00:21:40 Misha x cocabona – Khaleesi

00:25:12 quickly, quickly x Louk – Sleeping Til 12

00:26:56 FABICH x NO SPIRIT – All Together Good Vibes

00:29:18 blnkspc_ – tonite

00:31:56 junior state – Nice and Easy

00:34:40 Ruck P – Early Morning

00:38:17 Cap Kendricks – It’s a Vibe

00:40:11 Monma – Fast Travel

00:42:14 SAINT WKND x NO SPIRIT – Sand Under My Feet

00:46:05 Osvaldo – Supergloom

00:48:11 Stan Forebee x Cloudchord – Song For The Sun

00:51:30 sebastian kamae & dontcry – polaroid

00:54:04 Hanz – Pulse

00:56:43 middle school – wannabe ft. aso

00:59:04 leavv – Driftwood

01:01:47 Blue Wednesday – Birthday Girl

Check this out at https://t.co/uuk3x3QMA1

Chillhop Essentials Summer 2018 • jazz beats and chill hiphop

The HumpDay Extravaganza is underway; of course Digital Crate Digging Continues..

Getting over the hump manuevers are underway!! the saga / struggle continues..

Life is hectic but a dude will try to chill any chance he gets!! the world wants to see us stressed…

Disrespected? check the attitude , so called powers that be were stubborn like Trump concerning children in detention camps at the border;  distressed..

I connected with my constituents, blessed them with Chillhop Essentials Summer 2018 • jazz beats and chill hiphop…

Also known as jazzhop; it’s courtesy of Chillhop Music, check the playlist and the mix, they didn’t quit / stop..

00:00:00 Pandrezz – Takin’ You for a Ride

00:02:21 C Y G N – Love is Weakness

00:05:08 Misha – Bae

00:07:27 Remulak x Liphe – Wonder

00:10:09 Matt Quentin – Sky Blue

00:12:44 plusma – albatros

00:15:29 Birocratic – Shakedown

00:19:12 Sofasound – Love Like a River

00:21:51 B-Side x Sixcube – Don’t Cry

00:25:41 floridomi – Lakeside

00:27:55 Aso – Sundays

00:31:27 j’san. x Cloudchord – First Wonder

00:34:16 Unda de Sango – Lime Vibe

00:37:39 L’indécis x saib – By the Seaside

00:40:40 falcxne x Loupo – Prayer

00:44:04 Stan Forebee – Possums & Popcorn

00:46:45 mommy x delayde – flashes of calm

00:49:19 Eli Way x Emily Muli – Stuck

00:52:29 Lakey Inspired – Saydee

00:54:59 Tane – Zen

00:57:17 santpoort – rolling down this lazy wave

00:59:53 Ian Ewing x Philanthrope – Smart Gurl in a Skort

01:02:44 HM Surf – oracle night

Chilled Hip Hop And Neo Soul Mix #24

Digital crate digging continues on a Music Monday, since it’s also Christmas Day it feels like a Sunday Jazz type of day..

The saga / struggle continues!! the music will play as I make my way!! moves made after I pray..

Mentioned that Lord Help is the battle cry, evil we’ll defy one way or another, word from a brotha!

Attention paid, can’t lie I’m still broke financially and spiritual demons are still at war with a brotha!!

Affecting the physical? fighting back as I get metaphysical while listening to Chilled Hip Hop And Neo Soul Mix #24

This is courtesy of Rafael  some will know the deal!! check out the playlist and the mix!! Scaling back things a bit,  hardcore hip hop played at Random Thoughts From a Brotha; check out the playlist and the mix for this one; check the score..


1. 00:00 / Enter Her Abode (Interlude) – Mndsgn

2. 01:20 / Blossoms – Potatohead People

3. 04:32 / One for Jay – Evil Needle

4. 05:51 / Let You Go – Moonchild

5. 08:53 / USAYUDO – Asal Hazel Prod. Mndsgn

6. 11:11 / Cultivate – DJ Mitsu The Beats

7. 13:13 / Welcome To My Universe – Tom Misch

8. 14:18 / Next to You – Mac Ayres

9. 16:37 / Find Me, Beep Me – Dwele

10. 18:39 / I Wonder (feat. Iamddb + Fox) – The Mouse Outfit

11. 21:49 / Freedom (feat. Louis VI) – Blue Lab Beats

12. 24:53 / 2am Vibes (feat Monma) – Mecca:83

13. 26:34 / Listen To Your Love (DJ Mitsu Remix) – Jazztronik

14. 30:53 / Cocoa – B. Cool-Aid

15. 33:39 / Ill Vibe (Jake Milliner Remix) – Busta & Q-Tip

16. 36:02 / Sam Cooke & Marvin Gaye (feat. Kojey Radical & Tiana Major9) – Blue Lab Beats

17. 39:44 / Still Waiting – Curtis Lewis

18. 43:46 / Up Above My Head – Jack Herrera

19. 47:36 / Right There – Moka Only

20. 49:59 / Doin It (Til The End) – Freddie Joachim

21. 51:51 / Expectations – Stan Forebee

22. 53:04 / Sour Grapes – OthaSoul

23. 55:26 / Settle Down – Imaginary Homie

24. 57:23 / Past & Present – Evil Needle