Trying To Stay Ahead In The Game (Part Three)

We’re putting work in, on this Sunday morning! the saga / struggle continues! catch us trying to stay ahead in the game! 

Out here doing the knowledge / jumping and recognizing, we even determined that it’s all game!

Visualizing the sequence? it’s not surprising but is change coming? oh! like the word on the curb I could hear it in the wind.

…plus I’m seeing things; who’s out here doing things? damn! are those shadows in the wind?

The dude O-Zone keeps going on doing things as the new stimuli soon interfaces with his woven dreams.

Trying to stay ahead in the game but reality doesn’t lie, so in that direction I’ll lean.

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Return On Our Investment (Part Ten)

On this Flashback Friday we’re still doing the knowledge, looking for a return on our investment!

The Fabulous Friday vibe is also exhibited as we show gratitude for seeing another day, blessed by it!

Some of my constituents? stressed by it, a dude is sounding redundant by telling you it’s rough out here! 

We’re all trying to deal with it, frontline warriors / participants in the ongoing spiritual warfare!

But some try to deal with it per extreme measures, trying to “smoke something and drink something” per Mystikal ; all up in the pub taking medicine for sleeping scars.

A return on their investment? let the healing process begin! some of the scars are painful, others are friendly saying embrace us! take hold of the bars..

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Moving Forward: Now What’s Next? (Part Six)

Waxing poetic on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way; we claim the terrific outcome!

Waxing the Ford Fusion, now out on I-20 in Atlanta rolling! King Arthur was in the mix on 107.5 with the 90’s hip hop, I was in my element! once again it’s on!

Winning? losing? it’s all game, but we keep moving forward never backwards, so what’s next?

Winning? losing? pulling out of the game like Simone Biles check the styles knowing that the sport is complex!

A stairway hello? after I’m asked what’s good I say Let The Healing Process Begin!! I tell you about the battle scars!

Catching hell from the devil and his advocates with not just their shady dealing!! injured by hooves and thorns from fighting these spiritual wars!

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