Its Kicking Like Jackie Chan In Rush Hour

Taking a look at it….its on and popping!!  its kicking like Jackie Chan was in Rush Hour! 

Opponents are dropping like citizens in Syria; keeping the devil under my Timberland boots….whats up man?  others were snoking and joking like Chris Tucker in Rush Hour! 

They’re on another level; smoked out or drunk off of brown Kentucky liquor…even high off the bath salts… crushed during the fireshower when the system did the drive by! 

I spotted another devil from a million light years away like I had a black hole telescope;  Louisville / Newburg raised me that way!!  with BeeGee methods and techniques to stay alive by! 

Meanwhile I do a spiritual drive by; I circle the block in the hooptie dropping this breakbeat science!

O-Dizzle…aka O-Dog..aka O-Dot’s drums are kicking like Jackie Chan!!  he’s going off on them!! while O-Zone waxs poetic about matters that will break my folks minds….check the rest of this article at   THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Its Kicking Like Jackie Chan In Rush Hour.

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / The Sale Is Still In Effect…

Check these clearance rack epiphanies; whats the  deal with these? the sale is still in effect!

As I steer this mothership through different galaxies / jurisdictions / seasons ; its not all sweet!! interference!! thats what I expect!

Scientific is how this brotha will get…but haters fear this like its a black planet; word from Public Enemy!

Whose near this? I’m caught in this moment of time; they weren’t checking for me!

That could be a good thing as I keep this hood thing going;  it got lonely out there but we kept on running!

Ms Peters the fourth grade teacher said you can’t trust to luck;  so some play it like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrooks…they kept on gunning!

In the streets?  no rest for the crooks..they kept on gunning / jacking…jokers wearing the same outfit for a week!

Similar to Wall Street crooks  like Morgan Stanley and Facebook…brokers with the same suit on trying to get their loot on; the outlook is bleak!

From the streets to corporate corridors..haters said we’re crooks;  like The Space X Dragon we streak across the galaxy moving at a high velocity!

….But we had the speed you need; experiences will lead to this epiphany!

…true indeed ..please believe me!! things got ugly; actually they still are!

Let the healing process begin!! my people need to heal the physical mental and emotional scar!

Shady dealings like the Iran nuclear talks  made haters raise the bar; now you have to be an Olympian to pole vault it!

They even tried to play me!!  but I had these Random Thoughts plus I brought the Sonic Assault with it!

Clearance rack epiphanies are now caught with it or them at the last hour!

Given clearance for that and this by the Lord; on us blessings he will shower!

We Didn’t Forget

They thought we forgot about it…we knew George Zimmerman types were still out here….we tried to let it go but we couldn’t!

Plus Geraldo and O’Reilly were talking sideways..but we know how the other side plays….were still going all out for it; knowing these haters had their doubts about it like they still do about Obama..check the drama…they thought we wouldn’t or couldn’t! 

We even had our own doubts about it!!! as the G8 meets at Camp David… knowing how rough it is; I spotted homie up in the spot!! over  Decatur Georgia checking lottery and scratch off tickets! 

…..At the neighborhood casino…seeing how it’ll go; where did you spot me? I’m  trying to set it off with this math; check how I kick it! 

We didn’t forget it…especially after observing the scene….checked the work done by shadetree mechanics….it was revealed;  they lacked skills! 

Whats up with it? what was heard or seen? some ask us as bombs go off in Damascus...we peeped game..we didn’t forget; especially when a fanatic approached with shady deals! check out the rest of this article at Random Thoughts From A Brotha: We Didn’t Forget.

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The Whole Game Is Shady Like Grady

Peeping game; its like the Kennedy Curse…check this verse or two as I act like I knew…I jumped to the conclusion…the whole game is Shady Like Grady! 

Whose sleeping in the game? please!! you’ll get gaffled like Trayvon Martin ; something is always going down..that way?  shadetree mechanics hands stay dirty! 

They never clean them!!  now spreading like HIV…check the germs, bacteria, and pathogens!

Observing the scene;  I see some are ready to roll…just like Syria..they’re on the warpath again! 

But I’m working this thing blue collar style; I had more math for them…rolling like Space X as I get scientific! 

That’s the essence of this discipline; knowledge is dropped..that’s how I kick it!  check out the rest of this article at THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The Whole Game Is Shady Like Grady.

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: No Where To Run Or Hide; Safe Havens / Safe Harbors Get Invaded

Were under attack; safe havens or safe harbors get raided like the Taliban hitting up embassies in Kabul! 

There’s no where to run or hide…but we had the knack for escaping from a foul one and their policies; reality exposed fallacies…whose losing money like JP Morgan Chase?  they try to play us like a fool!

Mr. Cole said it was a rat race…dog eat dog world…haters mentioned Main Ingredients Everybody Plays The Fool sometimes!!! they said there’s no exception to the rule! 

They’re the main ones impeding progress; information overloads were part of the distraction…now some minds, hearts, and spirits feel the stress; there’s no exception to that rule! 

Whose lost in transition..messages lost in translation? meanwhile they’re expecting us to play that role of a fool… while they sit up and clock dough!

During the ongoing transformation I maintain the street code… I was expecting these haters to play with your soul; infiltrating minds hearts and spirits also!  check out the rest of this article at THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: No Where To Run Or Hide; Safe Havens / Safe Harbors Get Invaded.