This Is For The Tribe

We were chilling out; all up in the spot it…but it was a lockdown situation…it seemed like reservations!

There’s a fence around it; protecting us or keeping us in? thoughts of moving on like Ray Allen? I had my reservations! 

Plus I had my reservations for intergalactic journeys out beyond  Pluto and Mars.….trying to work these from The ATL to STL…aka St. Louis…but the hooptie is acting up! 

Plus dudes with first names ending in “tavious”  were acting up..tribe members had their conversations..but will the truth be told ? this world is cold..check the information overload..these earthlings are acting up! 

Check the attitude…were back with this…the mothership is backing up / backing in; beep beep goes the signal …its like the Space X Dragon! 

Check the attitude as a brotha gets gangsta with it; told me… I’m macking them!! said he’s on his way…ready to roll;  even though satellites are tracking him!  check the rest of this article at….



The I-20 Chronicles / Knowing How The Sport Will Go

Chilling out; Gemini sun rays beam down on me while the Moon was in Scorpio!

Damn!!! what am I dealing with? why did I try touching back down on earth like the Space X Dragon?  knowing how the sport will go!

Damn!!! what am I dealing with? I already knew these earthlings didn’t want to do right like Dudley!

….Capers were pulled like Mubarak…actors and actresses followed scripts….some peeps were fooled;  perpetrators were over in Decatur or out in Lithonia chilling at Dudley’s! 

Whats up with it? not disputing the truth like Express Scripts.. these I-20 Chronicles will let you know how how the sport will go! 

Whats up with these or those? trying to throw no-hitters like they were Johan Santana…they didn’t want to work with me; who will support a bro?  check out the rest of this article at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The I-20 Chronicles / Knowing How The Sport Will Go.