Taking Their Advice; They Told Me Yeah!! Yeah Do That! PT.2

Taking old dude’s advice; he told me Yeah!! Yeah Do That!! Act Like You Knew That!! swing at the pitch even though you might strike out like Prince Fielder!! or get called out on strikes by the umpire…

“It ain’t nothing nice” but Yeah!! Yeah!! Do That!!  So I Act Like I Knew That!! I avoid Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck  and the guns for hire!!

They’re rolling like Hunger Game Peacekeepers while hunger and thirst creeps up on us!! I Admit it; I’m tired!!  but I was told to put pedal to the metal!! told to hold it down to the floor!!  so a brotha keeps rollin..

Rest? please!! there’s no sleep for us so we Proceed and continue!!  Yeah!! We Do That!!  O-Zone will act like he knew that!! I put my heart and soul in!!

Whatcha knowin? Sony e-mails reveal how corporations think; feel me? I feel you!! know whatcha going through!!

Some are Out There!!  like they’re on Mars with the “Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft”  Lost!!  no template!!  so I tell you what I’m going to do!!!

We just got back from Out There!! Now We Bring some funk through; …that’s what we’ll do; Yeah!!….I’ll Do That…

Straight from Pluto / Mars / Saturn!! we even deal with the Uranus Pluto Square but we’re not L7 square!!  the Mothership has landed!! as we Do That!! Do That!!

Act Like We Knew That!! after doing the knowledge/ jumping and recognizing the tracks are jamming!!

Act Like You Knew That!!! Sonic Assaults are unleashed after we spotted some culture slamming!! .

In the lab? dealing with jazz /funk/ hiphop and house music; we’re slamming it all into the melting pot like an old steel mill in Pittsburgh..

O-Dog gets funky like that after taking the elder’s advice;  Yeah!! Yeah We Do That!! word from  a bonafide Blue Collar worker; you heard???