Regular Scheduled Programming

Jokers are subject to the authority….like the Supreme Court vs gay marriage;  they are victimized by the regular scheduled programming!

Jokers are subjects of drama royalty!! drinking the kool aid and food manufactured by genetic engineering!

Elaborate Fantasies fall apart..the joke was on some are loathing and fearing… making a run on banks in Cyprus?  as the prosecution objects to the defense attorneys motions!

The machine broke on us!! Manny Moe and Jack can’t fix it!!! check the persecution..some have weak defenses…now showing emotions!

Checked the regular scheduled programming….I didn’t want to see stars dance..I’m trying to advance!!! so The Sonic Blackjack will swing..I had other notions / teaching some a lesson!

We interrupt the regular scheduled programming…now some will get whats coming to them …when class is in session!

The sonic aggression will rebuke the regular scheduled programming!

As we put it down like this!!  O-Dizzle drops funk!!  he wasn’t slow jamming!

As we put it down like this!! whatcha know man? like Metta World Peace needing knee surgery this thing can get kind of crazy!

As we put it down like this!!  like NYPD stop and frisk…no justice no peace? who will  work with me? some people love the drama!!  but it doesn’t amaze me!

It seems like a fad /phase to me…some are caught up in the regular scheduled programming!

Brand new funk teams raised me!!  as O-Dizzle gets busy putting it down!!  but it wasn’t a slow jam!

We’re Still Going Off On Them

As we proceed and continue….whats on the menu? whats the deal? some will ask  Punxsutawney Phil; …meanwhile a brotha is still going off on them!

Some will get whats coming to them; some will say its not over like the French in Mali;  but some?  the message will be lost on them!

O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them…was the message lost in translation?  others were lost in transition!

Egypt: Esneh
Egypt: Esneh (Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum)

…Caught up in the confusion and frustration like we’re in Egypt…whats the deal with it?  I’m looking at this thing with a fresh vision!

High definition screens are used;  while the process of elimination bruised egos!

Catching up on his pimping was the word from the player player!!  in a system that used Negroes!

Check the middle passages…some held swaggers and steelos are updated and upgraded;  now dude said he’s going off on them!

Who will shoot the messengers? daggers, pistols,  and missiles were the weapons of choice by the opposition;  but check the degrees;  some are off by them!

English: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie W...

Mick Jagger types mention no satisfaction ….out of sync with the universe!

Word from the Rolling Stones !!! meanwhile were rolling on..check out the O-Zone verse!

Plus O-Dizzle is going off on them!!  hitting them upside the head with the Sonic Blackjack!

Class is in session!!  teaching them a lesson…showing them we have the knack!