Smooth Jazz and Pure Lounge House Music Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues; the so called holiday season is coming to a close/ Christmas in gone / 2015 is here!! I’m trying to chill out a little bit more before I dive into this new year!! Checking out this Smooth Jazz and Pure Lounge House Music Mix  courtesy of Smooth Jazz Nation Power

Some of the artists featured in this mix are Paul Hardcastle, Peter White , Richard Elliot, Shea Soul , ATJazz, Blue Six and others. Check out the playlist and the mix…

New Smooth Jazz & Pure Lounge House Music Mix By DJ Equip Mode.
Track List:
1.Paul Hardcastle – Easy Street
2.Peter White – Im Never Gonna Give You Up
3.Richard Elliot – Deep Touch
4.Shea Soul – Where Did You Go
5.ATJazz – Harmony
6.Blue Six – Let’s Do It Together
7.Gregg Karukas – My Favorite Season
8.Groove Cocktail – Deep Touch (House Mix)
9.Ken Navarro – Delicioso
10.Jimpster – State Of Mind
11.Ken Navarro – Island life
12.Kool Klean – Just a Kiss
13.ATJazz – Rain Angel
14.Brian O Neal – Daisy
15.Blue Six – Music & Wine
16.Gregg Karukas – Deep Into You
17.Blue Six – Bittersweet
18.Kool Klean – Far Away
19.Max Melvin – All Fades
20.Lisa Shaw – Im Ok
21.Lovetronic – You Are Love

Andreas Varady / California Dreaming

Sunday Jazz Continues; checking out this smooth track by Andreas Varady called California Dreaming.

It has me reflecting on Bay Area / Grey Area Scenarios  from last year. Now I’m trying to plan a trip out that way for Spring 2015. Probably hit Southern California / LA / San Diego!!  Anyway, I digress. Check out the smooth track!!