Mad At The World / In Conflict With The World PT .2

Lord Have mercy!!! some of us are in ***Conflict With The World***

You heard me?? in the Gaza Strip slingshots were used!!! rocks were hurled!!!

In other spots like Baghdad?   or Kobane?  even here in Atlanta drama unfurled!! a brain tumor from the stress?

I’m out of sync with this world!!  In Atlanta?  *old girl* was at the counter buying lottery tickets saying things are a  **hot mess**

They even said I’m a hot mess; just call me the hot messenger!! I’m not *with this* *systems are on the blink*…it’s a glitch in the matrix!!!

Disaster?? Oh Yeah!!  per the Ebola crisis were *on the brink* introduced by those that fake it!!

Moving faster but pulled over by DeKalb County Police about a bad tail light!! in the background somebody is blasting off shots / rounds!! are some worried about the wrong thing? I couldn’t take it!  ***BreakBeat Science*** is introduced…I hit the switch!!!

Moving faster through the Smoke and Mirrors; per politicans / businessman nod and wink /  the handshake; who hit the switch??

Lights are turned on and off!!! horror and terror is introduced !  it don’t matter!!! roaches still scatter!!!!

O-Zone; I type in this scientific data;  like old girl said *everybody ain’t able* ; my  HQ  was once at Blogster!!!

Damn!! those clones didn’t get the gist of it so I was kicked to the curb!!  An Internet Mobster??

In the ATL with the Louisville style / steelo; I was far from a buster or Herb!!  Back in those days? .I stayed rolling in the ***deuce and a quarter**

It’s Buick Electra 225 for those that never crossed the tracks or  the border!!

But I digress!!! let me get back to this world that’s ***Out Of Order**………….

**Lord Have Mercy** as I pray for a brother, sister, son or a daughter…………