Endless Sunday 😌 [Chillhop / instrumental beats]

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus; drop down / click on,  press the button; chilling out, O-Zone even had to press the reset button!!

Get into it / get involved!! rocking venues, fooling with this DJ,  our problems solved? probably not for a punishment glutton..

They’re upset son!!  corporations are established  / misery loves company meanwhile O-Dizzle tries to find out where the drums will be so in spiritual warfare they can be utilized..

Once again it’s on!! not aborting operations flashed through the portalknowing how the sport will go; opposition met? like Trump / Fox News fan  Tulsi Gabbard not invited to the DNC?  we’re not surprised…

Plots and schemes were devised, some cashed out like Vernon Jones at the RNC, now using the divide and conquer strategy to holla at me but we’re in chill mode; listening to Endless Sunday 😌 [Chillhop / instrumental beats]

Now these teams are surprised because we’re chilling in the midst of the chaos and confusion!! check out the playlist and the mix this is courtesy of Chillhop Music as we chill in the lab / shelter in place; we’re not “out in those streets!!

Check this out at Endless Sunday 😌 [Chillhop / instrumental beats]

Chillhop Essentials – Fall 2019 – chill & lofi hiphop beats

Digital Crate Digging Continues pe this HumpDay Extravaganza segment; we’re chilling out in the lab..

The saga / struggle continues, getting over the hump is the business, understand a brotha? at the moment? chilling out per this beat therapy / sonic rehab..

The saga / struggle continues, getting over the hump is the business!! no shady business like a Bill Barr redacted version of the Trump Ukraine transcript..

The saga / struggle continues, beats will bump and O-Zone will type this transcript; breakbeat science we’ll flip..

Earlier? we dipped down I-20 in Atlanta, now we’re cooling out / chilling out listening to Chillhop Essentials – Fall 2019 – chill & lofi hiphop beats

It’s courtesy of Chillhop Music, for cooling out / chilling out it’s conducive; check out the playlist and the mix; you know it’s rough out in these streets!!

Check out the playlist and the mix at https://t.co/Eoekk71hw6?amp=1