Glitterbox Radio Show 310: Presented By Melvo Baptiste

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we come through on this Thankful Thursday, so called because it’s a blessing to be here!

Throwback Thursday business is also recognized, back in the day issues haven’t been rectified so we’re still out here!

Y’all know these jokers aren’t playing fair so the saga  / struggle continues!

Check out how we respond, this good word and good music are on these menus!

Weaponized for the ongoing spiritual warfare!! O-Dog Day Partying with this Glitterbox Radio Show 310: Presented By Melvo Baptiste

O-Dog Day Day Partying in the midst of the madness, boosting the morale!! check the playlist and the mix, check the style on this Throwback Thursday as we get all retro futuristic!!

1. Kathy Brown – Can’t Play Around (12 Inch Version) [Cutting Records] 00:00

2. Jamiroquai – You Give Me Something (Full Intention DJ Edit) [Epic] 04:07

3. Orlando Voorn – Be With You (Crackazat Remix) [Hiest Recordings] 07:44

4. Never Dull – Since I’ve Been Gone [Nightshift Records] 12:36

5. Sartorial & Simon Kennedy – Music Power [Tropical Disco] 16:44

6. Foreal People – In The Mood To Groove (Dave’s Shake Your Body To The Funk Mix) [Z Records] 21:20

7. Lubelshi & Life On Planets – Mercury In Retrograde [Classic Music Company] 26:17

8. Rhythm Source – Love Shine (Roger Sanchez Anthem Mix) [AM:PM] 30:50

9. Dames Brown – Glory (Floorplan Remix) [Defected] 34:46

10. Superlover – Paino Pump (NiCe7 Remix) [DFTD] 38:52

11. Young Pulse – People Put God First (Young Pulse Edit) [GAMM] 42:12

12. Qwestlife – Hit It Off (Babert Remix) [Glitterbox] 46:49

13. Philly Devotions – Hurt So Bad (Dimitri from Paris Super Disco Blend) [BBE] 52:12

14. Louis Benedetti – I Want You For Myself (Louis Benedetti Classic Vocal Mix) [Soulshine] 57:00


DJ Steve Adams Presents… Soul Funk Disco Feb 2023

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as Saturday morning shifts into Saturday afternoon, we’ll try to hit you up with a tune…

…or maybe two or three or a few so what it do? we’re rocking the house so stay tuned!

Stay focused man! but yesterday on Flashback Friday? it was  storming, raining yesterdays!

Evening was here, dealing with what misted nightfall brings? disappointed per missed appointments / missed plays!!

Your dude prays,  trying not to miss an anointing; blessed with eternal dreams manifesting?

Saturday morning was soon here, witnessing a sunrise haloed glow; no longer stressing?

We’re confessing; work is put in now we’re O-Dog Day Partying, celebrating in advance with this  DJ Steve Adams Presents… Soul Funk Disco Feb 2023!

Those stressing will get some sonic relief!! check out the playlist and the mix to see what the deal will be!!

Check this out at DJ Steve Adams Presents… Soul Funk Disco Feb 2023

A Soul Thing ♫ Funky & Disco House House Mix ♫ 2023

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition; O-Dog Day Partying will also be involved!

The saga / struggle continues, true indeed even on this Presidents Day holiday the world keeps on turning and the fire keeps on burning and per fireman’s lingo it’s fully involved!!

I was already staying on point / on guard per lights blinking on the instrument panel; soon the mothership crashed on earth, but I’m stepping out unscathed from the wreckage…

…or splatter; now reflecting / thinking what really matters? knowing I need to purge myself of some things but I’m asking where’s my baggage?

Somehow I’ll manage, soothed by this music plus you can hear my earthly shouting in this poetry! 

 Some said stories on his skin are told, they say they can see what I’m saying as they act  like they know me.

 Truth be told? some of them can see what I’m saying especially with this O-Dog Day Partying as we come through with A Soul Thing ♫ Funky & Disco House House Mix ♫ 2023 courtesy of DJ Groove!

Check out a playlist and the mix, as we proceed / continue to stay on the move!!

Check this out at A Soul Thing ♫ Funky & Disco House House Mix ♫ 2023

Freak It! ♫ Funky, Vocal & Disco House Mix ♫ 2022

 Digital Crate Digging Continues check us out as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition!

Some are digging where we’re coming from; broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta is how we’re living! 

It’s spelled out in our Chronicles, the response to these and those; the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on. 

Plus the devil will oppose when we make next level maneuvers but we proceed and continue to do what behooves us; once again it’s on!

Oh yes!! once again it’s on, check out this O-Dog Day Party / life celebration as we listen to this Freak It! ♫ Funky, Vocal & Disco House Mix ♫ 2022

It’s courtesy of DJ Groove, check the playlist and the mix as we stay in the groove / continue to get breakbeat scientific!! this is what’s up / this is what it do!!

01. Thick Dick – Insatiable (Vocal)

02. Miguel Migs – Let Me Be (Miguel Migs Petalpusher Vocal)

03. Fresh 27 feat. Robina – Butterfly (Richard Earnshaw’s Re-Touch Of Elektro Organik)

04. Mirko Deep – Feel It (Michael Gray)

05. Inaya Day, Milk & Sugar, Greg Gould – Love Like This

06. Per QX – Hit Da Spot

07. Simon Kennedy – One Number

08. Brooklyn Express – Change Position (88) (Dr. Packer Edit)

09. Re-Tide – The Power (Re-Edit)

10. Mange Le Funk – I Still Want You (Liquid People Vox)

11. Jay Vegas – Take Me Away

12. Mark Funk, Danny Cruz, Jody Findley – About You (Americana) (SAMO)

13. DJ Mark Brickman – Freak It! 21′

14. Tom Novy feat. Chasing Kurt – Hypnotise

15. Mirko & Meex – Forevermore

16. Jay Caesar, Percy Hoef – Make Me Feel (Francisco Barria)

17. Folkness – Way Home

18. Log – Storm Is Coming

19. Chemars – Sticky

20. Gary Tuohy – Bad Girls

21. Zonum, Carolyn Griffey, Steve Silk Hurley – You’re The One For Me (Shane D)

22. Nick Hussey, Jamie Van Goulden – Temptation (I Can’t Resist)

23. Jerro – Are You There (Falden)

Funky Disco & Club House Mix 🎧 March 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Music Monday as the month of March comes to a close..

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on; no basketball tournaments but March madness was here!! the old school Baptist preacher always said the devil will oppose…

…all peaceful / prosperous endeavors; he also said no weapons formed would prosper so we’re trying to put in down, proper!!

…in a proper form or fashion but opposed by thought and fashion police trying to stop a bro!!

Charges are trumped up, jokers inspired by Trump types with their rhetoric but in this spades game we’re trump tight; God will bless us!!

…even in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic, it’s academic that the Lord will be with us do the knowledge and don’t stress us!!

In the midst of this madness it’s on us to set this O-Dog Day Party off,  listening to this Funky Disco and Club House Mix 🎧 March 2020

It’s courtesy of DJ Groove, as we stay on the move even though we’re social distancing!! check out the playlist and the mix as we show love from a distance trying to uplift the mood during this crazy year of 2020…

01) (00:00) Weasel Disco – Ride On

02) (07:08) Simon Kennedy – Back Together

03) (12:57) Nu Port 62 – Why Don’t You

04) (17:19) PCA – Make Your Body Rock (70’s Disco)

05) (22:38) Average White Band – A Love Of Your Own (DJ Fudge)

06) (26:36) Marc Cotterell, Dominic Balchin – The Trumpet Track (Micky More & Andy Tee)

07) (31:22) Richard Earnshaw – Feel Love (Earnshaw’s More Tee Re-Work)

08) (36:55) Fusion Groove Orchestra – If Only I Could (Jet Boot Jack)

09) (44:02) Raze – Break 4 Love (Michael Gray Rework)

10) (48:57) House of Prayers – Treble (Diego Harispe)

11) (53:42) DJ Mark Brickman – Again & Again

12) (59:15) Mar Vista – Up & Down

13) (01:04:15) Steff Da Campo, Dave Crusher – Get Down (Chico Rose)

14) (01:04:10) Salif Keita, Haska – Madan

Dubplate Disco – Pick Up (Yam Who? Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; we’re in the midst of the O-Dog Day Party…

Partying with purpose is how we’ll work this, noticed that the morale was low; I even told a naysayer “don’t start with me”

You heard this? these players aren’t having it, checked the style; the negative plan? we’re unraveling it!!

Heard this and that  from Bill Barr types promoting negative hypes but falling for it?  we aren’t those types: rolling solo, no one we’re traveling with..

Others jokers were raising the bar thinking we wouldn’t take things far, falling off? naw, but we’re moving to the beat per the Dubplate Disco with a track called  Pick Up (Yam Who? Edit)

Dubplate Disco? aka Simon Kennedy, that’s what the deal will be as we drop this dub like we’re in the club; part of getting breakbeat scientific..

Check this out at Dubplate Disco – Pick Up (Yam Who? Edit)


Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday Night; my constituents already know what’s up..

This is the Saturday Night Fever Edition, a non believer was like Trump with no impeachment hearing participation; the constitution ignored by the corrupt?

Holla at me is hat I told a high achiever, I was on that same level ignoring the devil; doing what I have to do..

Dropping this good sound plus expect that breaking news from a breakbeat scientist; this is what it do…


Acting like we knew!! check out the playlist and the mix as we play this like mathematicians playing all the angles…


1 – Lolaetta Holloway – All About The Paper (Re Edit)

2 – Simon Kennedy – Love Comes Easily

3 – J.B. Boogie – Me & You (Original Mix)

4 – Phazed Groove – Sweet Talker

5 – Moogy Bee – Foolin’ Who

6 – The Salsoul Orchestra – Take Some Time Out (Dr Packer Reworks)

7 – Mina – It’s your move (Re Edit)

8 – Moogy Bee – Disco ’77

9 – Giman, Chic_Ago – Le Chic (Vocal Mix)

10 – Michael Jackson – (P.Y.T.) Pretty Young Thing


Love Is The Answer

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; O-Dog Day Partying earlier, we’re trying to keep that same vibe..

The saga / struggle continues!! let the music play is the motto, hip to the plot / scheme though!! corporate CEO’s cashing their chips in? is another  recession coming? Republicans running a game on the tribe? 

The saga / struggle continues!! in this session? more funky drumming!! no MTV / VMA  Red Carpeting, what are jokers starting? 

The saga / struggle continues!! the aggression / drama  will jump off like Hong Kong, so are we wrong for O-Dog Day Partying?

Doing the damn thing!! partying with a purpose!! listening to Love Is The Answer a mix by DJ Groove..

Doing the damn thing!! partying with a purpose!! it’s all love when we drop this, uplifting the spirit of my constituents!! check the playlist and the mix; get in the groove!!

01. (00:00) Chic – I Want Your Love (Dimitri From Paris)
02. (08:37) Gwen Mccrae – Keep The Fire Burning (Joey Negro Feed The Flame)
03. (15:10) Jocelyn Brown, Cerrone – You Are The One (Jamie Lewis Classic)
04. (23:18) Shapeshifters feat. Kimberley Davis – Love Is A Dancefloor (Club)
05. (29:37) Mahogany – Ride On The Rhythm (Michael Gray)
06. (35:08) Horse Meat Disco, Kathy Sledge – Falling Deep In Love (Joey Negro 12” Disco Blend)
07. (40:46) Bob Sinclar & Dimitri From Paris, Byron Stingly – Love Is The Answer (Club Edit)
08. (47:20) Candi Staton – Young Hearts Run Free (Spacedust Klub)
09. (53:06) Mitiko – Love Somebody Today
10. (58:37) Simon Kennedy – Looking Up To You
11. (1:04:07) Jo Paciello, Soul Train – Rock With You
12. (1:08:21) Hardsoul – Back Together (Dr. Packer)
13. (1:15:00) HP Vince – Sexy Music (Nu Disco)
14. (1:21:10) Disco Dandies – Move N’ Groove
15. (1:25:22) Dave Leatherman, Bruce Nolan – Be Like This
16. (1:31:24) Re-Tide, Moon Rocket, LauMii – Chocolate
17. (1:37:17) The Whispers – The Beat Goes On (Marcus Bootleg)

Check this out at