Options get weighed like I was getting ready for a boxing match! 

Word from Mayweather or Ortiz!!!!  please!! O-Dizzle is coming out fresh with a brand new batch! 

May weather signalled the start of summer madness; it’s over with!! now we fall through…but we continue to catch hell like Natalie Cole!

Haters say whatever..probably misinterpreting signals like virus infected drones…now O-Zone is  back with this forensic rhetoric…as we proceed; holla at us if your ready to roll!



A weird energy is floating around; like the stock market and the economy there’s a lot of uncertainty!

A weird entity because I rock the blue-collar style and nobody will work with me?

What’s the deal? …They’re usually not checking for me;  but I realize that could be a good thing!

I took it back to my Roots like Alex Haley ; this is a hood thing!

This is a good thing we bring check;  this good word plus the brand new funk!

It’s not a knock on wood thing!!  the elementary teacher said we can’t trust to luck;  its like the NBA all-star game…were in the contest with a brand new dunk!

Gamblers were out for a fast buck;  said its elementary like Sherlock Holmes told Watson; whose phat and all that? acting brand new but eventually they shrunk!

The uncertainty hit them; earlier they were down here in the ATL getting crunk!

Whats the deally? 100 degrees in the ATL and little homie and them were rocking hoodies!

Standing in front of Hugo Chavez’s Citgo station over in Decatur..said they had the goodies.

Took OutKast ,Goodie Mobs and the Dungeon Family’s advice; out here trying to get something!

Facing uncertainty;  the saga struggle continues. .there’ll always be something!

McCoy Tyner & Phyllis Hyman; In Search of My Heart….Remember Me..

…….this is a hell of a song…WCLK  in Atlanta hipped me to it…Ms Hyman was some kind of songtress.. Stanley Clarke is supposed to be on the bass…plus Mr. Tyner was  THE piano player!! check this out…


Cuz tried to holla at me down by the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta ; asking me if I had spare change!

….Had his buzz on!!! that other other was what he’s on;  had to admit he was ready for change!

Like Libyan army commanders defecting……acting strange these days..but back in the day a heavy hitter.

Two cars and a home out in the Atlanta suburbs; rolling through fronting on busters and herbs; he was a don’t stop get it get it getter!

It gets better…everything was enhanced with herbs from Jamaica and powder from South America…Grey Goose to rinse it down; in the ATL Mexican Cartels get down!! its Outta Control.

The job market dried up…now mind blowing decisions were made like Heatwave; now some will lose their soul!

Whatcha knowing? whose Bustin Loose like Chuck Brown when they roll through the ATL?

Whatcha knowing? as we get down….putting it down like this... using this breakbeat science; we have a story to tell!

A story about how easy it is to fail in Babylon ; falling for the okey doke!

A bruh had a story about being homeless; being played like a joke.

Caught out there ; moved overseas; cars repossessed, homes foreclosed on.

Caught out there;  it’s no joke!!! the devil is opposed!!  word from the old school Baptist preacher; once again its on!

Old dude from the old school can teach you a thing or two about the flip side!

The attitude? when down to Plan Z some will flip for freedom..they’re ready to ride!

Others aren’t that shrewd; as they slip and slide trying to survive in Babylon!

This good word is dropped..but some think I babble on!