The Foundation (Back To The Roots)

I hit the reset button; I’m going back to the roots; hopefully planted deep / deep in the ground!

What’s up son? we dealt with drama like Ferguson; What’s it all about ?? O-Zone had his doubts but I get deep into the sound!!

Me and O-DOG get down; that’s how it’s working son!!  we try to spread this sound across the nation!!!

Actually we spread it worldwide or through the universe; where did it all start? Soul, jazz, rock, and funk is the foundation!!

Similar to spiritual matters;  as this world bruises and batters? God is our solid rock foundation!!

Souls scatter  while on this earth? we’re standing on shaky ground like earthquakes in California!!  feel the sensation!!

Hollywood skyscrapers built on California earthquake fault lines?  not a fault of mine!! But the soul sensation of the sound we bring is built on energy like James Brown!!

Funk like Parliament!!  meanwhile in Canada dude shot up the Parliament but that’s not how we get down!!

Who started it? per the drama in Ukraine when things jump off?  you’ll dip!! you don’t want to sit down, you want to get down like Brick, you got to feel it!!!!

Who started it? please!! I’m just trying to maintain!!  mind taken off all the ill issues in this life that we have to deal with!!!

In the Middle East per ISIS?  those folks are feeling it,  even Hezbollah fires missiles!!

Israeli jets drop bombs!! meanwhile in the ATL?  these jackers pull pistols!!

Who will miss you?  some front, flex and get their swag on with material goods then get pistol whipped / cars stolen;  jackers just wanted the rims!!

Whatcha know?? that’s why I stay grounded per the foundation!! this is reality!!! It’s not virtual like the Sims!!!