Oops Upside The Head Like The Gap Band

It was like Oops Upside The Head by the Gap Band …..some are hurting;  they suffered a concussion!

Playing hoops….driving to basket;  fouled upside the head  Ron Artest or Metta World Peace style!!  reality will test one… its foul!!  some will explode due to internal combustion!

Dropping lobs over the net like Serena Williams..dropping these scoops on the masses; check the art..but I wasn’t working with cousin…he was on a different page!

Others still searching for jobs….meanwhile were dropping troops behind enemy lines; soon they’ll rush in feeling a different rage!

Others were still Searching per Roy Ayers…but we’re acting different when we engage the enemy;  jokers said were acting funny or anti social!

Acting belligerent / incoherent?  receiving demerits for acting eccentric!!  I let them know the engineering is mechanical ,electrical , or even social!

Whats the deal with it? some are going through it..let the healing process begin!!  but we get scientific with it…sliding through the portal….even black holes….an eclectic one let us know what the message was!

Whats the deal with it?  some said they’re going to it….but now cashing reality checks;  thats what the business was!

Oops upside the head was also the business!!  like that Gap Band joint!

Loops of the funk and this good word is the response;  but society wasn’t checking for me..I’m not the one that they’ll anoint!

As we rock this funky joint like the Poor Righteous Teachers cut..some of these poor souls “ain’t acting right” ..we were even in debatable circumstances…

As we rock this…being built or torn down? oops upside the head like the Gap Band was the reaction…there was in drama like the Jacksons…ill factions even told us we hurt our chances…