Smooth Jazz Session Mix 133 [Urban Jazz Compilation]

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out!! your listening to jazz station WODZ, with you host O-Dizzle..

Chilling out on a rainy day in Atlanta,  on another level? somebody might understand a brotha when he  say’s the reign began with a drizzle…

The best plans will fizzle, per Trump and his National Emergency Declaration? whatcha facing? these jokers are trying to take it to the bridge…

On the grill steaks sizzle while fakes act irrational, so who’ll work with me? for a moment we’ll pause for reflection concerning Bloody Sunday and the Edmund Pettus Bridge..

…down in Selma so what can an irrational one tell a brotha who already knows what the deal is after doing the knowledge? we didn’t believe the hype heard from the CPAC meeting!

The sound won’t fail a brotha, a good coping strategy!! listening to Smooth Jazz Session Mix 133 [Urban Jazz Compilation] courtesy of Smooth Nation Jazz Power!! check the playlist and the mix per this Sunday meeting!!

1.Down To The Bone – The Bounce

2.Alex Bugnon – Cascade

3.Down To The Bone – Dropping Knowledge

4.Urban Knights – On The Radio

5.Four80East – Cookie Strut

6.D Tour – Moonrise

7.Duncan Millar – Dream Your Dream

8.Down To The Bone – We’Ve Always Got The Music

9.Tim Bowman – Show Me The Way

10.FASOL PROD – COOL JAZZ Beat With Bridge

11.L’indecis – Soulful

12.DJ Xaltus – Pretty Girl



Get It Together PT. 9 (Confused About Things?)

We roll up on the territory like it’s to commemorate Bloody Sunday; we’ll flood the market with the  funk

Over in the Mideast? ISIS rolled out  in The Toyota Tundra with the gun on the back!! similar to the bass booming out of the sport utility vehicle that  rolled through the hood; like a truck bomb,  junk in the trunk?

Boom!!  Boom!!  thump thump; Oops Upside The Head  like the Gap Band!!  some better get up early in the morning…

Get It Together or meet you doom!!  please!! God is blessing us so we Exercise Power like an old school power forward; Karl Malone or Alonzo Mourning…

Get It Together I told those that haven’t stopped hating and scorning!! they live in glass houses but they continue to throw stones…

They’ll get what’s coming to them!!  there will be repercussions!! others will throw back stones..

The Good Word? It’s O-Zone’s!!  percussions usually provided by O-Dog…

…As we try to navigate our way through the Smoke and Mirrors; enhanced by the fog…

What’s up Dog? that’s what Mexican Nationals ask police after the pistol is pulled…

Needing To Get It Together like the Justice Department told the Ferguson police; brothas and sistas aren’t fooled!!

Jazz, funk, house and hip-hop is dropped; as *We Get Our House In Order*  not caught Out There crashing like Harrison Ford

Who’s Confused About Things? please!! these brothas are Droppin Knowledge; that’s what you’ll get when O-Dog drops the track…with the Higher Power? we stay on one accord!!