Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Information Overload..

Whats the deal? please!! seasons change; now were into spring…stores get rid of winter merchandise!

Reasons change  like the Secret Service sex scandal..but we still drop these clearance rack epiphanies;  but we relocated …you probably heard it aint nothing nice

Banned from Blogster;  they tried to scandalize my name like Metta World Peace..please!! …they thought I was a mobster; even though I do show those tendencies!

But actually I’m a scientist dealing with the information overload;  that’s why I bring these clearance rack epiphanies!

As I deal with these and those episodes…there’s no justice or peace….like in Sudan / South Sudan…we’re  bumping heads with the thought and fashion police!

As I deal with these and those episodes..Louisville /  Newburg is embedded in my soul; so when I roll a brotha can’t be at ease!

Soaked in the game like collard greens in the pot liquor ….please!!  “whatsoever I do has got to be funky” … word from James Brown to Bobby Byrd!

I’m a funky type of soul brotha….but cloaked in invisibility; cloak and dagger ones question the ability!!  they try to get ill with me…silly games go down; you heard?

North Koreans  joked about it…they had weapons stashed…meanwhile with titans we clashed..soon feeling their wrath? please !! we had this math…it seems to be working..

Players choked;  no last-minute heroics!!  the word on the curb is discouraging.

Brothas are working it out per Willie Hutch coming through in the clutch; dropping these clearance rack epiphanies!

Letting jokers work it out; letting them go on about their business while we handle this breakbeat science business !! bear witness to what the deal is!

Making Adjustments

Trying to get in where I fit in; but I see adjustments need to be made!


Where’s the crescent or monkey wrench? or even the screwdriver making moves like McGiver….like the case against George Zimmerman…adjustments need to be made!


The crescent moon was just as bad as the full one; games were played by these fools!


Clandestine affairs soon take place like Secret Service agents swerving….. participants were from the old and new school!


Shadetree  mechanics had old and new Stanley tools ; they said they can fix that!


But they were Shady Like Grady!! a bunch of fanatics!! I ignored the knowledge when they kicked that!


Shady ones tricked that and this one; like Wal-Mart Mexican Bribes;  now adjustments need to be made!


I was just trying to get in where I fit in….but I can’t trust the charade!


Some got played; now they’re left busted, disgusted, ….and they can’t be trusted!


Some got played…now the hoopties broke down; Manny, Moe, or Jack will have to make an adjustment!


Whats up with it? please!! I was just trying to get in where I fit it!


….Had to holla at the seamstress or tailor just to make sure the suit was fitting…


It doesn’t matter what or who the team is…winning or losing? sometimes adjustments need to be made…


It doesn’t matter what the plan or dream is; some will get caught up in the charade…





The Ongoing Chaos and Confusion

Trying to keep a low profile; but still caught up in the chaos and confusion!


I expected it ……oh yeah!! please!!  that’s  what it do when your caught up in the system / matrix….dealing with the institution!


In this good word the solution is debated; we didn’t worry about trivial pursuits!


But were still putting it down like Derek Jeter…not wasting our time like lawyers filing frivolous law suits!


Knowing what the deal is!!  y’alls pursuit of happiness was like the Secret Service agents in led to the chaos and confusion!


Knowing what the deal!!  please!! these brothers are  not like the Space Shuttle Discovery..headed to a museum; were all out in the galaxy…all out beyond Pluto and Mars..on the mothership were cruising!


Spotted the solar flare when we went there…so now whats up? were back down to earth choosing to take the assignment; damn!!! what are we dealing with?


These earthlings take the chaos and confusion to another were fighting in Afghanistan or even Syria… but I’m trying to deal with it!


I was trying to work things out; now I’m dealing with another devil causing chaos and confusion!


Just look around; no need to check ESPN or Fox Sports to see whose winning or losing!


THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Terrific / Terrible Tuesday / So I Started Another One

Whats the deal? like Anders Behring Breivik ….these folk are trying to start something… in response I started another one! 

….On this Terrific / Terrible Tuesday….what will the news be? please!! life is hectic….it gets way too real!! like 21% of New Yorkers being poor;  some are fascinated when they see another come undone! 

Please!! check the score…it’s like the Wizards beating the Bulls.. the knockout punch will stun others; so now moves are tentative!

Please!! witches and wizards mesmerize fools…meanwhile O-Dizzle will rock out!! he’s a funky type of soul brotha….while O-Zone will let you know the deal with it! 

Snitches work their wizardry….was Sarkozy trying to sell Qaddafi a nuclear reactor? word from an actress or actor…as plans fizzle;  it all goes up in smoke after the bomb is dropped! 

Offensive fouls were called when I drove to the hoop; but the defender flopped!

check out the rest at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Terrific / Terrible Tuesday / So I Started Another One.