Grey Area Scenarios PT.5 (Foggy Day In Atlanta)

It’s going down;  its a foggy / cloudy day in Atlanta as I write this.

It’s going down; check the Grey Area Scenarios;  coinciding with Mars entering Pisces.

Coinciding with ISIS hitting up CENTCOM? please!!  this is not a sit-com!!  it’s no joke.

During the ongoing crisis?  no  Interview is conducted!!  per Sony hacks North Korea will go for broke.

During the ongoing crisis? O-Dog is on those funky tracks!!  broken beats and English will be the essence of this discipline.

It’s the rebuttal to the ongoing smoke and mirrors show; check the grey area scenarios!!  as we show charlatans how we’re living.

Chilling in Charlotte as my cousin rocks the towel over his head like Cam Newton as he watched the Panthers get beat.

Switched to plan B;  rocking a Broncos helmet and jersey as they got beat!!

It *ain’t nothing nice*  or sweet during the ongoing smoke and mirror show.

We put it down like this!!  at the end of the day?  we go for what we know.

We put it down like this!! we didn’t let this foggy day in Atlanta slow us down!!

Breakbeat scientific businesss will still get handled; it’s going down!!