Funky House ” Funky Grooves Ibiza 2022 ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Digital Crate Digging Continues! what it do?  we’re trying to get this O-Dog Day Party underway..

The saga / struggle continues / life goes on as the toil and strife goes on, but once again it’s on as we proceed and continue to get breakbeat scientific!! understand a brotha, that’s how we play!!

I know, you’ve heard the cliche, let the music play!! please!! we’re just trying to provide the fuel..

How else were you supposed to play? please!! check out how we roll, you’re not riding with a fool..

This good house music will play, we’re not hiding our tools!! we’re utilizing them per this Funky House ” Funky Grooves Ibiza 2022 ” Original Mix by Philgood 5336!

Check out the playlist and the mix!! surprising one who broke the rules!! this good house? my people can dig it as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

1: Lexx Groov – Work It (Original Mix)

2: Jason Wins – Future Old School (Original Mix)

3: Etienne Ozborne – Don’t You Want Some More

4: Juvenile Delinquents – In The Night

5: Scotty Boy – Let Me Down Easy

6: Acid Friends – Everyone (Original Mix)

7: Ivan Kay – C’Mon C’Mon

8: Yvvan Back – Lift Me Up

9: Jayson Brown – Way Up 2.0 (Original Mix)

10: Yescene – Bad Habit (DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix)

11: Joe Red – Oye Oye (Original Mix)

12: Nick Hook – Try for Your Love (Original Mix)


Funky Disco House ” Disco Funk Colours 2022″ Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Saturday Night Fever edition!

We took a pause for the cause, dropping this good word because we’re down for the cause; at this point in our lives? this is how we’re living…

…especially since reality is unforgiving; we’re trying to regain our equilibrium!  I mentioned earlier old dude up in Louisville said it’s rough out here, saying “it is what it is” and “it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be”

Getting breakbeat scientific? it’s how we’re living also so let us get back to the sound! my constituents know what the deal will be!

They can feel me when I drop this Funky Disco House ” Disco Funk Colours 2022″ Original Mix by Philgood 5336

Check out the playlist and the mix, we’re still all up in the house getting breakbeat scientific!

1: Frey – Club Crusher

2: Miguel Migs – Broken Barriers (Tribute)

3: Zetaphunk – Let The Groove (Original Mix)

4: Tony Hilfiger – Music Makes You Happy (Dub Mix)

5: Dzialach – Let’s Dance

6: Block & Crown – Keep On

7: Dian Solo- Bad (DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix)

8: Scotty Boy – Phonky (DJ Vartan & Techcrasher Remix)

9: Wlady – Back to Love (Yvvan Back & Zetaphunk Extended Remix)

10: Steven Caretti – In Your Eyes

11: Antonio Giacca – Down Like the River (Original Mix)

12: DAN_ROS – You Funk

13: SUPERfreak – That Party (Original Mix)


Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; excuse me for taking it back to the future..

The saga / struggle continues, who’ll work with me as we get retro-futuristic?  O-Dog Day Partying but somebody will act like they missed it; they’ll act brand new with a dude.

They’ll exhibit the racist attitude like Donald Trump vs  Elijah Cummingsconcerning Baltimore but beats will bump!! O-Dizzle kept on funky drumming check the score..

We’ll present  Exhibit A, rocking this Baltimore Raven t-shirt down here in Atlanta infuriating Atlanta Falcon fans that’ll need to check the score..

We’ll check the door, expecting somebody to knock at it as beats knock per listening to  this JACKIN HOUSE & FUNKY GROOVE AUGUST 2019…

It’s courtesy of Stefano DJ Stoneangels Channel Two, check the playlist and the mix to see what it do!! oh yes!! check out the house music / funky groove playing!! setting August off right!! we’re not playing!!

PLAYLIST: 1 – Mark Funk, Danny Cruz, Jody Findley – About You (Americana Vocal Mix)
2 – Nari – Mogoo (Original Mix)
3 – LS2 – Keep Pushing On (Original Mix)
4 – Adri Block – Manhattan Models (Jackin Clubmix)
5 – Agua Sin Gas By Antoine Clamaran – Nobody But Yourself (Original Mix)
6 – Discoslap – A Dancing (Original Mix)
7 – Adri Block, Scotty Boy – Keep The Dance Floor Goin’ (Original Mix)
8 – Hiva – Enterprise (Original Mix9 9 – Yvvan Back, Back & EM PI – Brasilda (Back & Em Pi Remix) 10 – AVA (It) – Try To Hide (Original Mix)

Check this out at


Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, you know your dude is traveling through time..

Past / present / future; I go back then move forward! mystery unraveling, but like the Brothers Johnson it’s Right On Time!!

Enlightening the masses when conducting these seminars / classes, it’s on once again!!

O-Dog Day Partying, doing the damn thing!! like Democrats peeping Trump’s finances to check the audit trail? it’ll have a story to tell, it’s on once again!!

Coming through doing the damn thing!! retro-futuristic with it listening to this HOUSE MUSIC MAY 2019 CLUB MIX courtesy of Stefano Dj Stoneangels Channel Two

Check out the playlist and the mix, setting this O-Dog Day Party off!! act like you knew!!


1 – Block & Crown , Lenny Fontana – When I Loved You (Club Mix)

2 – Moon Rocket – Remember The Rain (Original Mix)

3 – Soul Divide – Rejoice (Sammy Deuce Extended Remix)

4 – MastroMauro – Out on the Street (Original Mix)

5 – Yvvan Back, Em Pi – House Music Saved Me (Funky Groove Mix)

6 – Scotty Boy – Phonky (Original Mix)

7 – Peter Brown – I’m Gonna Hold On (Original Mix)

8 – Copy Paste Soul – The Reverend (Saison Remix)

9 – Namara – Alright (Sebb Junior Remix)

10- Shems Edine – Vitry City Bronx (Original Mix)

11 – Johan S, DJ Spen – Gotta Have House (Johan S Remix)