Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios…

We were caught out there; some were locked down like Morsi and his followers in Egypt; others were spotted in the smoke and mirrors..checking out the grey area scenarios!

Sonic Assaults were enhanced when I went way way out there!!  West Coasting!! checking out the bay area scenarios!

Out there!!  all out in Oakland / San Francisco….seeing what it do!! the economy is rough!! I noticed  some are stressed; others were bragging and boasting like they had it going!

Whatcha knowing?  how did it go?  endeavors crash and burn like Asiana Airline flights;  the fights in this spiritual warfare are ongoing!

Whatcha knowing?  this is word from an Asiatic bruh flowing through the mainstream until waters were polluted!

Whatcha knowing?  is this considered hazardous material when mathematics are dropped?  but like the George Zimmerman case the truth is disputed!

Whatcha knowing? fanatics looted the treasury like ATL Lenox Mall smash and grabbers!

But during these grey area / bay area scenarios we hit up these and those;  bear witness to what this product from the lab does!

Sonic Assaults were unleashed….some will get whats coming to them…as these brothas advanced from Orlando aka O-Town on out to Oakland aka Oak-Town….

Others were caught out there…no justice no peace? …please!! I noticed this when rolling through Sanford, Florida per Trayvon Martin…see what goes down?

Meanwhile O-Dizzle throws down…what were jokers starting? the Sonic Assault will repel it..

Whats the dizzle? its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors aka the grey area scenarios…from the ATL to Bay Areas…but a snitch will run and tell it…