We’re Still Breakbeat Scientific With It

We’re breakbeat scientific with it…what’s the deal with it? this is the declaration page.

…of the insurance policy…like Russia in Ukraine trying to re-unite the Soviet Union? ..we’re making sure we expose the fallacy… check out this Declaration of Independence as we engage.

We’re trying to maintain…our hearts, minds, souls and spirits  are rebuking demerits issued;  the interference is dealt with.

We’re trying to maintain…going hard for mine!!  clearance rack epiphanies and the brand new funk are weapons used;  were real with it.

No pain no gain was heard in the blues song by Betty Wright….mentors told us we need to get it right…so we study to show ourselves approved…

That’s per  2 Timothy 2:15…. what does it all mean? we get breakbeat scientific with it…but some interfere with it…ear shattering gunshots exploded…the crowd moved…

The situation is out of control…some see how we’re trying to roll…we’re trying to dip out of the Babylon wilderness…

Some see how were trying to roll…the I-65 / I-75 Chronicles explain it at the Sonic Assault after hell was caught…we had to go back to the source..where the real is…

Now were back on course unlike Flight 370 from Malaysia was..now searchers are looking for pings…

Now were back on course.. …of course O-Dizzle tries to get it right as the funk plays and O-Zone drops this good word..the website? a bruh pings…

Scorpion stings during the Cardinal Grand Cross of  April 2014 determine the ways and means..plus the Battle Cry is heard..Lord Help Lord Help!!

Not aborting missions..Sunday evening? cruising down I-75 in Kentucky as the Beatles played on the radio…Let it Be and …plus George Harrison sung My Sweet Lord…now that’ll help…




They Were Playing Me The Other Way

So whats up? damn!!..they were playing me like I fell off like Tiger Woods.. jokers seem to be playing me the other way!

Word from a veteran in the game now coaching / running things like Phil Jackson!!  telling you its rough out here..its tight in these hoods!!  especially when dealing with deliberate falsehoods; check me out..I didn’t get here just the other day!

Word!! please!! I’m not an armchair quarterback trying to run another play!! like at the crooked cartel meeting between Chris Christie and Nathan Shady Deal down here in Georgia.. this brotha knows what it does!

As I go there…rolling down I-20 in Atlanta…now I’m over on Glenwood Road in Decatur, Georgia…dude asked whats up brotha?  but every brotha ain’t a brotha!!  I asked him..whats up cuz?

Plus I saw that joker had a buzz going!!  smelled like weed and drank.. 7:00 in the morning after being up all night…now at Ms. Winners trying to get a chicken biscuit…probably one of those cats that like to talk about how high he was!

…Similar to  power-hungry jokers  like Russia in the Ukraine …flexing their so-called authority ….talking about how high they was!

…pardon me..or were;  check the broken English and broken beats..the essence of this discipline!

As we go there..spirits can be broken due to the pain and anguish…but check this breakbeat scientific business as I handle this;  showing discipline!

Quiet is kept… true gangsters move in silence…they’re not caught up in the B.A.S…AKA the bitch ass shxt…whats up with it? jokers thought I was missing something!

Uncouth / unkempt ones were true pranksters that weren’t really doing nothing!

..Like Oscar Pistorius…soon finding out they weren’t exempt from the madness ..not even the March edition..but then they want to try to play me the other way!

…whats the deal with this? mentioned earlier… I’m a veteran in the game now coaching.. I’ve been here!!  I didn’t  arrive just the other day!