Taking Up The Slack / Staying On Top Of The Situation

Unlike Obama with a strategy for ISIS it’s going down,  as I usually tell you!!  so who’s listening?

It was hard to get down during this ongoing crisis!!  some said I’m dirty or dusty while they’re shiny and glistening.

So fresh and so clean like OutKast!  but others are treated like an outcast!! the drama?  some are revisiting like a Labor Day family reunion.

Some even extended invitations;   now check it out as corporations purge their payrolls!!  they weren’t worried about a union.

We’re taking up the slack!!  we stay on top of these situations as the apparatus plays with souls like its some kind of game.

I’m out here but nobody was checking for me;  unless it’s like  Obama concerning riots in Ferguson!! they wanted someone to blame.

Word from this veteran in the game now coaching as Armageddon is approaching.

We stay on top of these situations!! but  like Russia up in Ukraine the enemy is encroaching.

They were heard asking ; guess who’s back??  but it’s not Kotter; check the thermostat ,  it got hotter!!

We’re taking up the slack!! O-Zone is not a slacker; just your neighborhood blogger!!

We’re taking up the slack!! not a crimestopper like McGruff the Crime Dog; but O-Dog will call your bluff!!!!

He has the funk like Roger Troutman; so rough and so tough!!!