At The End Of The Day? We’re Just Trying To Maintain (Part Ten)

As I mentioned before, life comes at you fast! it’ll blow in like Hurricane Ian or other tropical storms brewing in the Atlanta Ocean. 

Russel Honore’ mentioned we need to hold the damn line, in more ways than one! message approved by Brotha O, per broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta; your dude had a notion!

At the end of the day? your dude is just trying to maintain but naysayers try to start a commotion like Trump insurrectionists bum rushing the Capitol; that’s where they lost me! ruffles  from the rift of the friendship?

It’s like high tides on the ocean or even winds of change blowing; it’s rough out here, even Hunger Games Peacekeepers enforce policies from the Capitol! many are affected by life’s ebb and flow.

At the end of the day? we’re just trying to maintain! reconciliation? is there any glimmer of hope? per the way some of these people creep / roll I doubt it.

On this Thankful Thursday where it’s a blessing to be here? trepidation is felt instead, so now minds are blown.

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95 North Featuring Josef ‎– Sun Goddess

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; check us out, this is how the work will be…

…but somewhat retro – futuristic, thought and fashion police accuse O-Zone of being a pseudo mystic / unworthy…

They didn’t want to work with me, cool!! we’ll still proceed / continue with these breakbeat scientific principles..

Check out how this work will be / check the menu as we blow in like Hurricane Laura rebuking those introducing more pain for ya!! the reign began with a drizzle..

Check out how this work will be / check the menu!! this good word is dropped by O-Zone Russell Honor’e  style  while sounds are introduced by O-Dizzle check the style!! after the storm comes the sunshine, bear witness

95 North Featuring Josef ‎mention the Sun Goddess, they’re interpretation of the classic from Ramsey Lewis

95 north was mentioned early by O-Zone in his DMV showcase per this Throwback Thursday business..

95 south was mentioned early by O-Zone when he was Seaboarding, now we’re O-Dog Day Partying!! check out the players and the track as we do this!!

What’s That Noise? (Part Six)

Lightning was seen / spotted, then someone asked what’s that noise? the ground was shaking due to the thunder..

Enlightening; those that scheme / plotted? they  made to much noise like Trump’s Secret Police when they entered the spot, plus they drew too much attention with their uniforms; from Lafayette Square to Portland up in the sport again trying to take us under

Even Lt. Gen. Russell Honore calls out Trump for abuse of power,  recognizing the pattern concerning no honor among thieves..

Well, their appears to be some honor as GOP keeps quiet as it all falls apart; meanwhile we’re making a new start; a dude achieves ..

A naysayer is heard asking,  what’s that noise? thought and fashion police said we’re rude with these, plus they spotted us rocking Louisville Cardinal gear..

A player is trying not to lose his poise, Breonna Taylor’s murderers still run free, now the NFAC pulled up on the Ville trying see what’s there..

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