Caught In A Moment Of Time / Monday Morning Blah Edition

As we proceed and continue on this Monday morning…dealing with the blahs but we’ll  put it down like this!! please!!  life is funny!!  you might have caught me in my prime.

True indeed!!  it’s going down like this!! battling like Brock Lesnar vs John Cena?  points we’re scoring while were caught in a moment of time.

True indeed!!  players in the ATL said they rock…but soon singing Have You Seen Her per the Chi-Lites..they’re back on the grind after the 4th of July holiday..but elements and components can grind to a halt;  now pundits like John Boehner ask..then what?

It wasn’t elementary per Holmes and Watson; what’s up Holmes? what’s up son?  check these insights..look at the spots were in when the music stopped playing;  can I get a “what what” ???

Like I heard on that Jay-Z song …now some say it’s all wrong due to the location.

I wasn’t running with those fools…it can be the wrong place and the wrong time!!  even the wrong vocation.

But now it’s vacation time!!  but I’m not running with the bulls in San Fermin….that’s not how it’s working..check the relocation;  no telling where we’ll be.

No synchronization…word from an “outside the boxer”…like I said…no telling where we’ll be…

Intergalactic with it!!  mind on vacation out beyond Pluto and Mars?

Fanatics with dangerous minds flex down here on earth…they’ll try to raise the bars.

Illegal raids will put some behind bars as we deal with these stormtroopers.

We erase scars while were caught in this moment of time;  let the healing process begin!!  were all up in the spot where the truth was.