Cleveland Watkiss- Torch Of Freedom (Soulpatrol House Reprise Feat. Fola Dada)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on some Music Monday type of business…

The is how we’ll flow, let the music play!! my constituents know what the deal is..

They know what the real is, ignoring truth isn’t truth declarations from Rudy Giuliani types..

They know what the real is!! deploying the Public Enemy strategy; they didn’t believe the hypes..

O-Zone types this good word while O-Dog is exploring / digging in the crates; this is what we do..

Listening to Cleveland Watkiss with Torch Of Freedom (Soulpatrol House Reprise Feat. Fola Dada); this is what it do!!

Crown Heights Affair – I Don’t Want To Change You (Extended Rework Henry’s Edit)

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we’re following Music Monday guidelines and principles..

You should know how we do; the motto? let the music play!!  freedom? riding out for mine like I’m one of the invincibles.

But you should know how it goes, reality will humble us!! a stumble was the next move made..

Who knew the dude flows down the mainstream of mathematics with fanatics like Rudy Giuliani and Kellyanne Conway saying the truth is not the truth plus they supplied alternative facts to support the charade..

Check the attitude, per Music Monday? this disco soul music is played!! check this track from Crown Heights Affair called  I Don’t Want To Change You (Extended Rework Henry’s Edit)

Check the altitude, adjusted!! we’re flying when the music is played, observe the heights!! nothing strange about the way Henry Greenwood worked it!




Bill Laswell Sacred System – X-Zibit-I

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we’re dropping this thing like it’s hot…

Let the music play!! we’re not stopping this!! we repell the scheme / plot..

We didn’t quit / stop!! no need to plead the fifth like Giuliani said Trump will do!!

We didn’t quit / stop!!  this is Exhibit A, on how we’ll play! beats thump, so what it do?

This good word is dropped!! X-Zibit -I from the Bill Laswell Sacred System will play..

Check out the players and the track!! as a matter of fact, you’ll see we don’t play!!