The Next Chapter: The Saga / Struggle Continues

O-Zone is telling you about the next chapter; as the saga / struggle continues.

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The Next Chapter: The Saga / Struggle Continues.

Thawing Out From The Ice Age

Once Again it’s on!! we were intergalactic with it  like Rosetta spacecraft!!  Mystic Voyages were taken!!  but now we’re back…

Intergalactic!!  once frozen!!  mysterious travelers  studying the dark mystery of time and space!  but now we’re back…

Mystery unraveler!!  codes were broken while out in The Ice Age...

*Holla atcha*  check the Intergalactic funk at the O-Dog Podcast after we  felt the rage..

….Acquired during the Critical Stages Of Development similar to the uprise in police brutality!! a by product?

Haters conspired to crush my embellishment;  like John Brennan defending the CIA because of the torture report I watched my conduct…

Haters thought I was corrupt because  your dude was surrounded by crooks…

Guilt by association like a black cop living in two worlds?  they said that’s the way it looks!!

Contribute to the confusion and frustration? damn!!  that’s the way it looks..

#Handupdontshoot  / #Icantbreathe /  winning or losing? now an Ice Age situation is created per your dude thawing out; as the pressure cooks..

Heat cooks the Ice which causes it to thaw out;  is it global warming?

Sonic Assaults  are unleashed as I smack some with the blackjack!! me and O-Dog span the globe brainstorming..