All Up In The Spot / Its A Hood Thing

They usually weren’t checking for me…..unless I have a new Surface tablet like Microsoft…or some kind of foolishness was involved! 

Sometimes disrespecting….but  I used The Surface song…”only you can make me happy”…at the end of the day the problem is solved! 

The building / structure is crappy..hardboard or hardi-plank…I couldn’t work with this!!…now like Colorado the fire is fully involved; they’ll see that the roof is on fire!

 Check out the disco inferno… whatcha know? please!! O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha; but is Roger Clemens pitching? we’re called out on strikes by the umpire!

Plus my kind are disrespected by the empire…like Egypt’s army.. they’ll strike back at us! 

Whats on your mind?  chips were implanted..whose cloned?  plus satellites and cell phones track us!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: All Up In The Spot / Its A Hood Thing.


Whats The Deal? We’re Just Trying To Maintain

Whats the deal?  please…were just trying to maintain…but others said they had it going on….like Roger Clemens…they said its on and popping! 

Whats really going on? … my other web I drop this insight..ducking and dodging  angels / demons in this zone…I see its nothing! 

Some claim that they’re up to something..but get played like its Obama vs Putin..the truth some are disputing… in the middle of lights, cameras;  action! 

Its all game!!  part of the total chaos; some will take a loss.. like the future of Egypt?  whats the deal with it?  some lack stamina when dealing with the ill faction! 

They say its still cracking !! its on and the midst of the chaos and confusion! 

Big homie said he’s just trying to maintain…him and his peeps? they were happy go lucky;  waiting in the dark..even if they were losing! check out the rest of this article at  THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Whats The Deal? We’re Just Trying To Maintain.