Yeah!! That’s What Happened..

Like the Canadian guard in the armored car robbery…a guy can blow his top when bad / hard luck piles on!

Once trying to fly like R Kelly said he could; probably if he was drunk or smoked out..maybe high off bath salts…actually just a gambler out for a fast buck; check the set he styles and profiles on!

Whatcha trying to tell me a joker asked? Sonic Assaults are launched…the swags and styles in this danger zone vary!

Wall Street brokers multi-tasked; they’re trying to hedge their bets like JP Morgan Chase …the dog eat dog rat race can get scary!

Word from Mr Cole!! a hostile territory veteran / survivor…he and Pops taught me how to roll through Babylon…both are gone home now….RIP!

Relevant for this Father’s Day..meanwhile…how will I play?  whats the deal down here on earth?  were still subject to the authority! 

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Back In The Mix Again….

Back in the mix again..back in the game!!  wasn’t trying to go there; but it’s about freedom like Libyan rebels…I was pulled back in!

Back to the Dirty Tricks days of Richard Nixon!!  haters still find a black man to blame; even GPS tracking them!

Noticed that  Trick Bags stay full!! the system plays a fool… Robert Palmer told you about them.

Rags to riches stories tell us about American dreams; but I see I always had my doubts about them!

Championship teams like Duke will rout them!!  but even they’ll get beat!

Motherships rolling through streams of consciousness conduct surveillance; spotted some whose mission is alt shift delete.

Trying to see your defeat; jokers will get greasy like Church’s Chicken.

Or maybe Popeye’s or Bojangles up in Charlotte ; like the one on West Boulevard!!  homies front like they’re hard…but noises make them scatter like chickens.

As I write these prophecies like Charles Dickens epiphanies are cleared off the rack!

Whose stopping these?  authorities say I wasnt given clearance for that!

Stopping us in these hostile territories in our pursuit of freedom!!  there’s interference with that!

The hot style is enhanced by social engineering; loathing and fearing is the by-product of that!

Rebuked by industrial strength mechanical engineering!! please!! the brand new funk and the good word is the by-product of that!!  as we proceed and continue!

Out in space….steering the mothership to a safe haven safe harbor;  rocking the venue!