Get It Together PT.2

I’m trying to get my mind right on this Throwback Thursday!!   I’m trying to tell myself to get it together.

Dealing with these ATLiens;  Cee Lo Green types!!  the hustlers are hustling and players are playing!!  I’ve been there and done that due to being hungry and thirsty!! I told them I was praying but  they told me whatever!

I did the knowledge / I’m seeing what it all means; ties?  I had to sever as I move to the next level; but it’s not on that ISIS type of business!! I’m tired of dealing with the next devil!!  I’m just trying to get it right.

What it do? during the ongoing crisis I’m using a fresh view  / fresh vision  based on 20 / 20 hindsight.

Per Rick Perry get your mind right or suffer the consequences!!   light was needed in that spot where some are waiting in the dark.

Insight is gained from debatable circumstances;  were we being built or torn down?  check out how we get down!! O-Dog’s bite is worse than the bark.

Smoke, mirrors, and fog that were dwelling per the NATO Summit in Newport Wales  led to these insights; now a spark was provided.

Plus it’s no joke when horrors and terrors led to the Nicolas Cage Face Off!! that’s  when good and evil collided.

In this day and age?  good and evil coincided; damn!!  I even curse and pray at the same time.

Please!!  I’m just trying to get it together and move to the next level at the same time.

Please!! some say they’re in their prime but is this the best they have to offer?

We need to get it together but it’s easier said than done in this Hurricane Norbert type inclement weather; these storms will go off on ya!!


We Didn’t Come Empty Handed

Once again it’s on!!  check us out!! we’re back down to earth!!  the mothership has landed.

Once again it’s on!! the mothership didn’t crash land or explode  like  the SpaceX test rocket !! were back up in the spot with it!! we didn’t come empty handed.

Jokers get what’s coming to them!!  O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them and those stranded in the Babylon wilderness.

Breakbeat science is dropped as we let these earthlings know what the deal is!

We let them know what the real is like ISIS in Iraq taking over cities and  beheading journalist.

It gets real like that as we roll up on the spot!!  no ice bucket challenges or reading challenges from 50 Cent to Floyd Mayweather; so who’ll work with this?

Some say it’s not working like out in Ferguson  or the other St. Louis suburbs;  that’s because we’re not the ones to accept that status quo.

It’s not working like that!!  for freedom?  the apparatus wants us to quid pro quo.

It’s not working like that!!  check the status!! I see some  rolling like Rick Perry as shady dealings catch up with them…

It’s not working like that!! we left for a minute or two but now were back! we didn’t come back empty handed!! check out this good word and the funky tracks we batch up with them..

This entity landed the mothership on earth after aliens told me how the intergalactic funk should go!!

We learned not to take anything for granted; we can already see that things are dysfunctional…they’re sick like Ebola

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Waiting In The Dark….The Concept Is Revisited….Once Again..

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Waiting In The Dark….The Concept Is Revisited….Once Again...


Whose waiting in the dark? they turned off the lights and lit a candle taking Teddy Pendergrass’s advice!

Security heightens; ten years after 9/11 its still on code orange; what’s really going on? Al Qaeda promised 100 attacks; plus the vandal in the hood stayed ain’t nothing nice!

What’s up with me? I had to think twice; now I handle my business before it handles me! ..

What’s up with me? warm hearted and as cold as ice;  like Obama my ratings are low..who understands me?

A bruh is stuck on earth; down here where all the drama is..from Pakistan to Libya..what’s the deal with ya?..they ask a bruh…the mothership lands me in forsaken territory!

These earthlings were waiting in the dark!! mesmerized after they heard the spinmeister tell the story!