It’s Going Down…Since I Was In The Neighborhood

As we proceed and continue…since I’m in the neighborhood I might as well represent…

True indeed..its going down…but I’m hip to the Deliberate Falsehood…a hater will try to circumvent..

Who can work with it?  it’s like the Syrian peace talks in Geneva..sometimes no progress is made..

Who can work with it? a naysayer balks..or even stalks throwing salt into the game..trying to make us wreck out like were on the Pennsylvania turnpike during the snowstorm…but we were blessed after we prayed…

It’s going down..blessed after we strayed off the path..the Lord forgave the lesson was learned…

Now class is in session…we’re getting off with this math!!!  teaching others a lesson with the Sonic Blackjack…MP3’s were made after CD’s were burned…

Now class is in session..but this is no Vampire Academy…plus .no bridges were burned even though lanes were closed per Chris Christie and his crew…

The apparatus is always stressing….damn!! the shot clock will expire…but due to karma some will get whats coming to they act like they knew…

Now were in the neighborhood..agents of the empire “holla at me” ..chilling effects are felt unrelated to the polar vortex..

Situations are stereotypical…”they’re up to no good” was heard..based on our appearance..during chilling effects from Alberta Clippers I rocked LA Clippers hoodies and skullies..but these Richie Incognito bullies make the sport complex…

It’s going down..this mission? we didn’t we come with the next…might as well put it down since were in the neighborhood…

It’s going down..based on the impressions made during the ongoing’s gotta be good!!


Clearance Rack Epiphanies; Another Deep Discount


Check out these clearance rack epiphanies…the sale is on…check out the deep discount..

Once again it’s on…we’re back…trying to deal with these..during the ongoing championship fight?  some thought we were out for the count…

Jokers were whistleblowing aka snitching ..per Edward Snowden the wet and dry method was used!! damn!! I had to get scientific in response to the ongoing madness..

No whistle blowing like Too Short mentioned…the sport is complex…mentioned on one of my other blogs…The Sonic we deal with the madness..

Check these clearance rack epiphanies..back with these after hell was caught…but  insights were gained..

Damn!! I was trying to be incognito / incognegro but the OJT aka on the job training was ongoing..but at the end of the day I maintained..

Damn! Richie Incognito types tried to flex!! some were even joking like Sid Caesar..but its no joke..the Bible said pay Caesar what you owe him..

No deep discount given!! unlike these clearance rack O-Dizzle will  drop this breakbeat science..some will act like they know him…

Count Dracula types want blood, souls, spirits, auras…the reign began with a drizzle..but more than the East Coast will feel the storm…

As we get back with was hard to see in the smoke and mirrors..plans fizzle..thought and fashion police flex..others brag and boast…but conditions aren’t the norm…

Oh no!! they’re not the norm per Carmelo Anthony staying in New York ..advised by Jim Boeheim to move on..

Oh no!! they’re not the norm…but its all good..check these clearance rack epiphanies…while O-Dog will get his groove on..


Clearance Rack Epiphanies / Just In Time For The Holidays

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies!!  just in time for the holidays!

Based on outback chronicles type of business!! that’s what’s  going down on this Hump Day!

Sounds thump….Let The Music Play per Barry the good word is typed on the Samsung!

….soon transferred to the desktop then the website!!  we didn’t quit or didn’t stop…you know these folk “aint right ” even if the jury is hung!

Jurors will bully other jurors!!  next thing you know George Zimmerman types are let go!

Cure for this?  Oakland was the first to represent!! please!!!!  just check out  those Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios!!  listening to Bullys Wit Fullys rolling down I-80 …knowing jokers hate me and my kind from the get go!

Word from Richie Incognito!!  so I’m lying low… incognegro!!  on some outback chronicle type of business!

The Moon is in Cancer plus Mars is in Libra activating the Uranus Pluto Square!!  so I know what the deal is!

…Not a devil dancer!!  I kept them squares out of my circle!!  I’ve got work to do like the Isleys!

The answer was right in front of me all I had to do was look up!!  now there are no more surprises!

Check out these gifts and prizes!!  these epiphanies are straight off the clearance rack!

Priorities shift!!  a joker compromises like Google or Yahoo now the NSA hears that!

A Fresh Coat Of Paint PT.2

As we proceed and continue!! were blasting on them!!  check out the Sonic Assault ..were not showing any restraint!

Some tried to be Incognito like Richie but will get whats coming to them!!  like an old building needing a fresh coat of paint!

O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them!! I was trying to be incognegro but  pain was felt by O-Zone every time a brotha took a downfall!

Whats the deal?  I hear some humming and bumming like Pirates in Nigeria!!  others were rolling like a clone!  soon hit up by a drone! whose really down y’all?

Whats the deal?  will they be down like four flat tires on the old Ford Crown Victoria that needed a fresh coat of paint I saw over on Glenwood Rd in Decatur Georgia?

Whats the deal?  whose held down?  pulled over by DeKalb County police in a new Crown Victoria or the Dodge Charger?  they were showing no restraint!!  they’re trying to start with a bruh!

As I paint this portrait like Picasso….letting folk rolling in the Dodge Chargers know racial profiling is still going down.. but I wasn’t styling and profiling..I know how it go!  nobody was checking for me!

That can be a good thing!! as I focus!!  painting this picture!!  what God has for me is for me!

That could be a hood thing or a White House type of thing!!  as we try to maintain!!  pain is in this scripture!

Soon I’ll be acting brand new!  after  Mercury goes direct!!  its like putting a fresh coat of paint on the picture!

Acting like I knew…but pain seems to be a fixture in the structure / system…who’ll work with me? society will try to corrupt ya!!

Acting like I knew…pulling out the paint brush..putting a fresh coat of paint over it..sanding off the surface…getting the rust off!! standing alone against the world; loyalty and trust were off by a few degrees…jokers were like please!! so whats up with ya?