The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling / Ignoring The Distractions (Part Ten)

On this Fabulous Friday where it’s a blessing to be here? the train of thought is still rolling!

We’re ignoring the distractions, “If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another” was the song from Richard Fields but we’re blessed in the city and the fields per Fred Hammond so we’ll keep it moving!

Digital Crate Digging Continues on some Flashback Friday business, we’re jamming as usual! we’re O-Dog Day Partying celebrating life!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on, along with the toil and strife!

Oh yeah! the toil and strife continues, it’s rough out here! let the healing process begin! the train of thought is still rolling but my heart burns, check out the torched edges.

The Brotha O is still ignoring the distractions but the elaborate star strung fantasies usually lands me out on the edges.

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The Workshop (Part Ten)

 Check us out as we try to get this HumpDay Extravaganza underway, getting over the hump is how we’ll play!

We’re working it all out all up in the spot aka the workshop, dropping this good word plus the good music will play!

We’re working it all out, getting the machine set as this concept comes to an end, but we’ll still be handling the business at hand. 

We’re still getting busy in this workshop, using breakbeat science to rebuke the latest scheme / plot  like the investigation of the Trump insurrection and other situations going down in this land!

Some will understand what I’m saying, but lies were floating like embers from the backwoods campfire.

What’s the motive? the so called saint was sordid! with sinners in government, religion or even over in the hood he’ll conspire.

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