GQ Podcast : Multi-Genre Mix & JD4D Guest Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues…Friday Night in the Big City….a good time for an electro / drum and bass mix….

Checking out the GQ Podcast : Multi-Genre Mix & JD4D Guest Mix…from Going Quantum…you “know how they do” ..if you don’t act like you knew!! check out the playlist and the mixes…

00:00 The Brig – All Aboard (Barely Alive Remix) [Disciple]
01:58 Terravita – Zeitgeber (Instrumental Mix) [Firepower]
03:03 Addergebroed – Shadows (Culprate Remix) [Free DL]
05:20 High Maintenance – Smash Brothers [AudioPorn]
06:50 heRobust x Two Fresh – Throw That (SPL Remix) [SMOG]
07:56 Kairo Kingdom – Get Down (Diamond Pistols Remix) [Simplify]
09:05 Bar9 – Sorrow [Never Say Die]
11:09 Dark Elixir – Tilted [Firepower]

13:07 Killafoe – Alone ft. Kira Annelies (Phrenik Remix) [JD4D Records]
16:07 Fytch & KushBerry – Post Mortem [Unsigned Dubplate]
18:02 Dirt Monkey – JUMP [Unsigned Dubplate]
19:27 Catboy – We Used To Be Together [Unsigned Dubplate]
20:27 Exist Elsewhere – TOKYO (Vexare Remix) [Exist Elsewhere]
22:07 Killafoe – Alone ft. Kira Annelies (1uP Remix) [JD4D Records]
23:37 CTwo – The Boy Who Lived (VIP) [Unsigned Dubplate]
24:32 Cowl – Hero ft. Farisha [JD4D Records]
26:37 Isqa – Control [Forthcoming DUSTLA]
28:27 Archie Cane – Flatline [Unsigned Dubplate]
30:17 Fytch – What If I Told You [JD4D Records]
31:37 Fytch – That I Love You [JD4D Records]
33:27 PADU – Kings [JD4D Records]
35:57 Phrenik – Without You [Unsigned Dubplate]
37:32 Killafoe – Alone (Radio Edit) [JD4D Records]
40:22 Drop Goblin – If The Kids Are United [Forthcoming Funky Element]
42:32 CTwo – Silent Killer [JD4D Records]
43:57 Bit Crusher and Synclan – Grey Skull [Unsigned Dubplate]
45:17 Vyill – Plague [Forthcoming Bass Liberation]
46:37 Sponge Bandits – Imperials [Unsigned Dubplate]
47:32 Killafoe – Space Mosh [Unsigned Dubplate]
49:22 Chrispy & Wonkap – Extinction [JD4D Records]
51:27 Fytch & KushBerry – Bright Light [Unsigned Dubplate]
52:07 Drumsound & Bassline Smith – One In A Million (Tony Anthem & Axl Ender Drumstep Radio Edit) [Unsigned Dubplate]
53:22 Point.Blank ft. Anna Yvette – The Divide (Dirt Monkey Remix) [Unsigned Dubplate]
55:32 Catboy – People Are Awesome [Unsigned Dubplate]
57:17 Nostalgia – Now Listen [Forthcoming PLAY ME]
59:07 Killafoe – Alone ft. Kira Annelies (Fytch Remix) [JD4D Records]


GQ Podcast : Dirty Electro Mix & Dead C∆T Bounce Guest Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues…once again its on!! checking out the GQ (Going Quantum) Podcast!!

This episode they’ve got a Dirty Electro Mix and a guest mix from  Dead C∆T Bounce!! Check out the playlist and the mixes…

00:00 Modulation – The Shire [Big Fish Recordings]
04:30 Shuval – No More Duck Face (Matt Watkins Remix) [Club Cartel Records]
06:29 I.Y.F.F.E, Au5 & Auratic – Sweet [Monstercat]
09:38 Schroff feat. Jay Jacob – Virus (Rawrberry Remix) [Big Alliance Records]
11:51 Schroff feat. Jay Jacob – Virus (Ming & Jumpshot Remix) [Big Alliance Records]
13:20 Virtu – Cellar Door [Big Fish Recordings]
14:22 James Frew & Nom De Strip — Booby Trap [Big Fish Recordings]
17:30 Boo & Reece Low – Guardian [Big Alliance Records]
18:15 Blatwax – Revenant [Free Download]

21:31 Dead C∆T Bounce & Linius – Love (ft. Splitbreed) [Free Download]
25:30 Dead C∆T Bounce & Kube – Atlantis [Boxon Records]
26:49 Hot Pink Delorean – The Revenge of Sisyphus [Hot Pink Delorean Music Company]
29:35 Star Wars – Duel Of The Fate (Dead C∆T Bounce & The Noisy Freaks Remix) [Free Download]
32:00 Dead C∆T Bounce x The Noisy Freaks x Blaster – All You Need [Free Download]
35:58 Skrillex vs. Krewella – Get One (Mashup) [Free Download]
37:55 Zedd – Shave It (501 Remix) [Owsla]
39:17 Dead C∆T Bounce ft. Emily Underhill – Nothing To Say (Alex S. Remix) [Tasty Records]
40:30 Dead C∆T Bounce ft. Emily Underhill – Nothing To Say (Must Die! Remix) [Tasty Records]