Deep House Mix | Summer 2023 | Refresh Yourself #05 | Carlos Grau

Digital Crate Digging Continues as this Saturday afternoon shifts into Saturday evening! its going down  / were putting work in out here  rocking hardhats and uniforms with our names stitched on the front of them; blue collar style, were at the construction site!                  

Surrounded by yellow caution / crime scene tape!  over in Decatur / Dekalb County Georgia authorities set up roadblocks by South DeKalb Mall! brothas and sistas? they’ll front on them, supposedly no escape from this corruption site! 

Check the sound from this spiritual  “goodfella”; its Gotta Be Good!! its on again!!  corrupt with this insight when in this mode? like Russia vs Ukraine  the system knocks the hustle! 

Its going down!! but what’s good? we’re facing doubts like this was an elaborate fantasy built using this mental muscle!

….Avoiding ones that snitch or tattle in this zone!! corrupt ones that “ain’t right” as doors and windows rattle in this attack zone as we drop this weaponized sound! who said we can’t fight? a fool will get gaffled!!

Scores calculated  by artificial intelligence but so called IT experts show negligence they seem baffled… 

Scores are checked, the foul hated!! they see these underdogs putting it down like the Miami Heat but we’re jamming up in the house, coming through listening to this  Deep House Mix | Summer 2023 | Refresh Yourself #05 | Carlos Grau!

Show some respect as we set this O-Dog Day Party  / Saturday Night Fever edition off!! check out the playlist and the mix, word from a brotha! 

Check this out at Deep House Mix | Summer 2023 | Refresh Yourself #05 | Carlos Grau


Carl Cox – Essential Mix (31.07.2020)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon; I usually have an Afternoon Jazz set going..

Switching things up a little bit, O-Dog Day Partying with a tune or two so what it do? we keep flowing…

…evolving, hopefully problem solving but some things are out of our control, the Battle Cry is then used; Lord Help!! Lord Help is heard!!

Issues are evolving from Beirut where they just an the explosion to here in America where no stimulus plan was put in motion to aid out of work Americans afftected by the coronavirus lockdown / slow down of the economy; check us out, the response will be dropping this sound and the good word..

What more can I say to you? we’ll just let the drums speak with this Carl Cox – Essential Mix (31.07.2020)..

It’s courtesy of  Kutayfunk; check out the playlist and the mix!! from the BBC in London to here in Atlanta we’re on the scene; broadcasting from a remote outpost out off of I-20..

Check this out at Carl Cox – Essential Mix (31.07.2020)