Clearance Rack Epiphanies / After The Holiday Sale

Unike Hollywood actresses and super models a bruh is mentally binging and purging!

Still down here in the hood!!  but back with this with breakbeat scientific model:  off the hinges when I work this thing!

Word from O-Dizzle!!  a Louisville / Newburg dude bringing these clearance rack epiphanies!

Thats the real dizzle!!  the real deal Holyfield  with Rick Ross living in his old house for those asking whats up with these!

Please!!  this is word from a veteran in the game whose now coaching like John Wooden!

Please!!  I was wise to the set up… Armageddon was approaching!! but these jokers wanna see you strung out like Dwight Gooden!

But he hung on…not down and out but working it out…but jokers are soon  recognizing this is a hood thing after I show and prove!

Others said  one thing then they did another!!  loyalty? please!!  they didn’t prove!

So I move on…I’m over it just like the holiday season…MLK Day was earlier this check out these clearance rack  epiphanies!

I move on;  life is a marathon…. I’m over it!! what?  the treason!!  but the mode can go from NYC stop and frisk  to shop and frisk in Macy’s or even  Barney’s or Tiffany’s!

But these clearance rack epiphanies are accessible…O-Zone has the conglomerate..

Bringing these Random Thoughts and Sonic Assaults…but usually in this zone ? no one is checking for me…unless they said a con did it..



Jean-Luc Ponty / The Gardens Of Babylon

Sunday Jazz Continues…chilling out on a Sunday afternoon….like the Outback Chronicles…I’m outback on my deck…not at Outback’s…wouldn’t mind having a steak though!! anyway

…..enjoying the scenery..the gardens…hoping its not like The Gardens Of Babylon per Jean-Luc Ponty

…check  out the players and the track…


Tall Black Guy – GoldenSun (Tribute to Blackalicious)

Sunday Jazz Continues….started in one direction and ended up in another.

Researching one artist, but soon I ran into this smooth track by the Tall Black Guy called GoldenSun (Tribute to Blackalicious)

Blackalicious had a song called..correct me if I’m wrong…Feel This Way…that had this same beat..

Also check out Thrill Seeker by Tall Black Guy on one of my other sites Random Thoughts..let’s go!!

Incognito – Deep Waters

Sunday Jazz Continues….nice Sunday in Atlanta…Final Four weekend…Louisville and Michigan advance to the title game..

Meanwhile? I’m chilling…Incognito / Incognegro…riding down I-20..listening to this Incognito Deep Waters..check it out!!

Marcus Miller – “What is Hip” with DJ Logic [HD] – Montreux 2008 Live

Digital Crate Digging Continues…still in the jazz / funk spectrum…with a taste of hip hop. Checking out Marcus Miller‘s version of  Tower Of Power‘s  “What is Hip” with DJ Logic [HD] from  Montreux 2008 Live!! it’s awesome!!  Check out Tower Of Power’s live version here

Check out the players and the track!!
Marcus Miller – Electric Bass
Alex Han – Alt Sax
Federico Gonzalez Peña – Keyboards
Jason JT Thomas – Drums
& DJ Logic

Check it out at Random Thoughts From A Brotha

We’re Taking A Look At Things / Peeping Game

Check the street terminology…the sociology..psychology…the brotha O-Zone is peeping game!  haters were foul with this..

Taking a look at things…using a Fresh View / Fresh Vision…but rolling discrete; usually quiet is kept in these danger zones…not protesting at Morsi’s palace..

But I wasn’t sleeping in these games!….a crook thought he had things..he had to change his mind..but I was keeping an eye on these jokers..wolves in sheep clothing show malice..casting the blame on my brethren; Ice Cube mentioned Americas Most Wanted! 

A brotha removes him self from the front lines like Tommy Tuberville up to Cincy…I wasn’t a sacrificial lamb..I kept it moving / dipping; a moving target is hard to hit…I wasn’t fronting; I never Hollywood stunted!

 I never fronted and flaunted…staying on top of it; but knowing.. sometimes its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors! 

I gathered and hunted..putting in work blue collar style; its no joke out here..its like the Israeli Gaza Conflict..check the horrors and terrors!

Bomb scares were confirmed…but like PSY some contradicted themselves.. destiny manifested after the O-Dog funk was dropped! 

Stock markets plummeted!! money invested lost!! portfolios were chopped! 

Its all game…check the climate change..agreements made at  Doha /Kyoto Protocol …meanwhile O-Dizzle cosmic slopped all up in this piece! 

Peeping game!! O-Zone is like a pro to y’all…I noticed the reign began with a drizzle;  when will the madness cease?

I’ll See Them When I See Them (The Sonic Assault Edition)

Whats the deal? like I mentioned at my Random Thoughts spot..I had to tell them I’ll see them when I see them.

I was posted up in the lab…wasn’t worried about Augusta National and Condi Rice…..Qaddafi payed the price…so I wasn’t acting random.. who will rock with me? I’m working on plans to free them! 

Its all about freedom; big homie asked…freedom from what? 

They were talking from a position of power….they already had it made…they cut deals with the corrupt!

But that will dry up like the Mississippi River…that’s whats up;  meanwhile the saga / struggle continues as the thought / fashion police continue to patrol!

That’s whats up on these menus prepared by chefs in hells kitchen; haters try to peep game; seeing what the deal is with checking for Syria’s chemical weapons? they try to see how a fashion Sandinista is trying to roll!

Check the rest of this article at ………

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: I’ll See Them When I See Them (The Sonic Assault Edition).

Scorpio Flower — Lafayette Afro Rock Band

Introducing Digital Crate Digging To This Site….it’s already going down at Random Thoughts From A Brotha and at The Sonic Assault…my other sites…’s when rare obscure grooves are played…not the normal music heard on the radio…I might even post some of my mixes from the O-Dog Podcast …which if you check past episodes..its already going down….Lets start this Digital Crate digging with a cut from  70’s Brooklyn / Paris funkateers  The Lafayette Afro Rock Band called Scorpio Flower…DJ’s …producers and crate diggers  looking for samples already know whats up with this group!! check them out…