Quantic ‎– Atlantic Oscillations

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday, that also happens to be Thanksgiving Day!!

Thankful Thursday also comes to mind, thankful for mine, much respect to you and yours; what more can I say?

What I can do is let the music play, by now y’all should know how I’ll play!! this good word is also dropped..

Of course I’m still time traveling, retro – futuristic!  naw cousin I haven’t missed it; still peeping game, the madness hasn’t stopped!!

This house music / jazzdance is dropped courtesy of Delicieuse Musique  and   Tru Thoughts with a track  from Quantic called  Atlantic Oscillations…

Since it’s a holiday, Sunday Jazz tendencies are shown, but the O-Dog Day Party is also on!! from Atlanta to the Pacific and Atlantic check the oscillations!!

Traversable – A Trip Hop Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, but this dude didn’t act right!!

I took it back to the future, acting brand new with ya?   please!!  we go back, you know I keep my act tight!!

O-Zone slack? yeah, right!! I gave you insight on that concept, as we proceed and continue to move onto the next…

Danger zones? you’ll get jacked!! caught out there!! soon heard saying the sport is complex..

We continue to come with the next!! we’re in the lab listening to Traversable – A Trip Hop Mix courtesy of  a Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

Check out play list and the mix, on Throwback Thursday we get futuristic, but we’re still in the midst of the culture..

0:00 – Sketch – Spirals
02:33 – DJ Format – Copper Canyons
04:12 – Quantic – Archipelago
06:04 – Red Room – Winter in Paris
09:03 – Broken Drop – Otra
11:03 – Wisp – Loophole
14:14 – Abstracode – Outsleepin’
16:56 – Morriarchi – Why Clef
18:04 – Kaliyuga Pro – A Closer Look
20:01 – Ruby – Flippin the Bird (Ceasefire Mix)
23:33 – Padma Purana – Scratching the Surface
26:23 – The Black Dog – Raxmus
28:06 – Glen Porter – I Sat Alone
29:53 – Archive – Nothing Else
34:13 – Archive – Old Artist
36:48 – Potlatch – Plant Her
40:19 – Wasaru – Fantasy Drop

♪ Hip-Hop / Trip-Hop Instrumentals – Mixtape 02 – Aroto ♪

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza!! We’re checking out ♪ Hip-Hop / Trip-Hop Instrumentals  Mixtape 02 courtesy of  Aroto ♪  Check out the playlist and the mix…


1.) 00:00 Mani Diez – Before The Rain

2.) 03:50 God Sense – Chop

3.) 06:40 Gasoline – Chicago Nites

4.) 11:05 L’Orange – Her Sins

5.) 14:27 Assai – Mono

6.) 16:34 Apanemic – Like The Rain

7.) 21:12 Will Sessions – Detroit State Of Mind

8.) 25:10 The Sound Defects – Angels

9.) 30:06 Marcus D – Infinite Truth

10.) 36:29 Trembles And Blues – The Tempo

11.) 38:29 Bulimic Orgy & Mile – N1

12.) 40:43 Sixtoo – Boxcutter emporium pt. 3

13.) 43:23 Fred Yaddaden – The Veil

14.) 47:13 Bonobo – The Sicilian

15.) 51:32 Savages – You’re My Chocolate

16.) 56:50 Quantic – Time Is The Enemy

Ocote Soul Sounds – Divinorum (Quantic Remix)

Sunday Jazz Continues….checking out some jazz /latin funk / breakbeats from Ocote Soul Sounds with their song Divinorum…remixed by Quantic.

Ocote Soul Sounds is guitarist Adrian Quesada and on percussion/ Flute – Martín Perna* and  Guitar, Keyboards remixed by – Quantic  

Check them out!!!

Quantic – Life in the Rain

Digital Crate Digging Continues…most of the East Coast is getting hit up by high winds and rain from Sandy…formerly known as Hurricane Sandy before being downgraded..but still doing damage.

I guess were living “Life In The Rain”  jazz , funk, hip hop style….per this Quantic track!! ..or is it caught in the reign?   that’s another story….in the meantime and between time check the track…