Choose Your Weapons / Poison

This brotha is Armed and Dangerous!!  I carried a Sonic Blackjack while ISIS types were detonating any number of explosive devices!!

Did The Knowledge;  nothing strange about this!! since day one Spiritual Warfare has been going down!!  from The Gaza Strip to Ukraine to even Ferguson peeps are caught up in the crisis!!

Knowing what the price is!!!  I’ve been paying them!! due a rebate or reparation? others flipped out mane!! how were they working it son? oh I’ve seen how some have sold out!!! .

Veteran In The Game!! knowing how it is!!  I waited for items to go on the clearance rack!!  a brotha will hold out!!

Dropping these clearance rack epiphanies while others hold out like GOP 2015 agendas!!  now they want to shut the sport down and lock us out!!!

O-Dog and O-Zone roll out!! that’s the deal with these!! we put the sound down!! .some said we rock out!! .

Rocking out!! rocking it!!  locking it down!! please…O-Dog has the material that’s hazardous!!

Weapons he’s holding? snares, kick drums, samples and white noise!! .

Almost made me lose my poise during Critical Stages Of Development..

But we proceed and continue; we cut the corner on jokers!! we’re turning  pages.!! check out this embellishment!!

Hitting you up with this!! the situation is out of control!!  jokers were detonating explosive devices!! blowing up the spot!!

Similar to ill situations worldwide; from Iraq to Boko Haram in Nigeria jokers will  make it hot!!

Similar to that spot in the hood; down on the block where anything can jump off!!

O-Dog says he has the funky sound!!  using the hip-hop cliche;  It’s About To Jump Off!!

Haters will bump you off;  characters are assassinated per Bill Cosby!!  they’ll  take you out like Bin Laden or have you strung up like they did Saddam…

Sounds bump!! O-Dog goes off!! please!!! check the weapons / poison that he chose!! don’t tell me he’s not jammin!!