All Aspects Are Covered

So whats up? damn!! things are hectic / chaotic…I can see things are crazy on so many levels!

The corrupt were still handling business…doing what they do!! we’ll have to deal with so many devils!

So whats up?  a brotha is trying to hold it down…Doing What I Do!! but jokers try to sabotage my operations like Republicans did!

So whats up?  another will undermine authority;  soon were subject to the authority! nobody was showing any love!

Jokers push and shove like under NBA the boxing gloves are worn by Marvin Hagler or Muhammad Ali  or even Manny Pacquiao types!

O-Dizzle is rocking!! not haggling with another about his freedom? …please!! you know Public Enemy said don’t believe these hypes!

O-Zone types these good words into the Samsung phone…every now and then the loose leaf is hit up with the black ink pen!

Danger zones are ripe with strangefruit…I told shorty not a damn thing has changed!!  that’s what this black man is thinking!

So whats up?  clones wander through the territory! but not everbody was impressed by the deals made Israelis concerning Iran’s Nuclear Program…

So whats up?  drones wander through the territory like it was Pakistan!  so whats up man? whatcha knowing?

The corrupt were still handling business….all aspects were covered…local national international and even intergalactic…

Whats up with us?  were still handling business before it handles us….its of the breakbeat scientific variety…thats the essence of this discipline..all aspects were covered….as we rebuke a fanatic…







Clearance Rack Epiphanies / The Holiday Sale / Letting It Out

As we proceed and continue…Memorial Day Holiday as I type this…time for these clearance rack epiphanies…check how were letting it go / were letting it out!

True indeed… the Benghazi and IRS scandals …Public Enemy told us..don’t believe what the hype is..but a bruh felt the pressure;  I was sweating it out!

True indeed…..this brotha is the type of entity to get bold with this…but not the type   that’s out there flipping out  like Michael Adebolajo over in Woolwich attacking soldiers ..but a bruh felt the pressure;  I was sweating it out!

True indeed…a brotha who knew the deally?…retro-futuristic?…please!! I’m new or next school like Morpheus in the Matrix plus an old school player like Orlando Woolridge..out there in the game…sweating it out..

Check these clearance rack epiphanies…were letting them out..but this is how we do..that’s business as usual in Babylon;  whatcha on?  soon you’ll be jumping and recognizing!

Danger zone business had us urging  /merging   but with this breakbeat scientific business? were not purging;  downsizing!

O-Zone drops this good word / O-Dizzle has the funky sound!!   surprising those who thought nothing was going on!

Raw data is processed…breakbeat scientific business is handled!! so whats really going on?

As we holla atcha with these random thoughts aka clearance rack epiphanies!

…based on being selected at random;  caught up in the system / matrix ….trying to deal with these!

….and those;  the devil will oppose!!  but we knew how he would act!

Thats why were letting it go;  if its meant for us?  it’ll come back!

The I-20 Chronicles; Marinating..But Soon? In Transtion…..

I was chilling like chicken and ribs in the refrigerator with rub on them; just in time for the Labor Day holiday?  I was marinating! 

Chilling like a cold drink in the Frigidaire…but soon we’ll go there….dipping down I-20 from the A-Town to Augusta..were in transition / circulating!

 Jokers acted like they were in Tampa at conventions like Republicans vs Obama…blocking like William Refrigerator Perry; …..I’m not playing around with those Busters or Herbs…they’re in a circle hating

….they’re throwing salt in the game! we “Can’t Truss It” per Public Enemy…a brotha curbs his appetite like I did the broke down Oldsmobile Delta 88..once again…

A brotha knows what the deal is…but some said the joke is on us…we’re caught up in the game 

….caught up in the system /matrix…we were getting played by gamblers out for a fast buck also known as corporations; rolling like Barclays and Libor….during conversations some told me that its all game! Check out the rest of this article…..

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: The I-20 Chronicles; Marinating..But Soon? In Transtion…...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Scenery PT.2

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Scenery PT.2.


Falling through!!! back in these hoods…once on the east side like the Jefferson’s..foreclosures in Georgia got the best of some…but I’m soaking everything in..enjoying the scenery; observing the scene!

Rolling through the backwoods of Georgia..WTF was on a bumper sticker on back of the pickup truck;  plus the loaded gun rack was seen! 

Rolling through…jokers were on Candler Rd in Decatur in the Chevy Caprice smoking backwoods..what’s up with ya…what’s good in these hoods?…some act like they knew; but rolling like Dick Cheney…or even Donald Rumsfield..other players in the field…..WMDs on the scene? naw!! but folk went to war anyway…but in the hood they’re ready to dump on the next buster! 

Please!! Cheney even fronted on Colin Powell…haters will get foul…I see peace wouldn’t be still; society was still fronting they didn’t trust us!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: How Were They Feeling?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: How Were They Feeling?.


Peeping game like the hubble telescope; I noticed morale was low!

Sleeping in the game? not hardly!! it wasn’t like Libya...I didn’t rush in like other fools; I took my time..but the style is not slow!
Were cold crushing…krush grooving.. old new and next schools of thought are utilized ….as we flow down the stream of consciousness!

We were cold back in the day!! bum rushing the spot like Public Enemy..po pimping ….dipping in Cut Dogs, Buick Regals, and Jeep Cherokee Classics!

Now the world is cold…back in the way? please…now futuristic and classic materials combine; check the by product!

This futuristic mystic gets it in!! but under trial like Hosni Mubarak…it’s  from those that are questioning my conduct!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Whatcha Trying To Do….Whatcha Going Through?

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Whatcha Trying To Do….Whatcha Going Through?.

Whats the deal ? whats going on like Marvin Gaye was asking?

Whatcha trying to do? some  are like Usain Bolt..they have visions of being in the limelight…basking!

Multitasking…rolling like Mitt Romney…a jack of all trades..the rest of the cliche? a master of none!

Peace everlasting is elusive; it wont be still!! word from Libya!!  during the ongoing process some will come undone!

Please!! were blasting back at the enemy…might even slap them upside the head with the blackjack!

Weather forecasting..spotting Tropical Storms like Lee……what’s the deally?  the weather is inclement.. history repeating? please!! we’re moving forward…were not turning back!