HIP-HOP UNDERGROUND rap rare & classics 90’s

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; we claim the terrific outcome…

Your dude proceeds / continues like old school hip hop terminology, this psychology rebukes a fanatic plus they’ll get  pimp slapped / attacked when we pull out the drum…

Check the attitude, how did you expect a pimp to act? it’s not a simple thing the way we react to the ongoing madness..

Check the attitude, some wish it was simple, talking foolish like Trump mentioning lynching; jokers need to stop the madness..

Check the attitude, hip hopping per this HIP-HOP UNDERGROUND rap rare and classics 90’s mix courtesy of Lou Dav…

Rude!! check the playlist and the mix to bear witness!! underground railroad riding like Harriett knowing these folk won’t be fair with it; how did they expect a brotha from Louisville to behave?

Pseudo Prophets – Just Gimme The Hip Hop (Chicago)
4th Quarter – C-Note and Grants (Philly)
Jamal – Fades Em All (Pete Rock Remix) ( ‎Philly)
Diversified Culture – Have You Ever Seen?
The B.U.M.s – Wreck Your Ears (Can Do) (Oakland)
Mobb Deep – Take It In Blood (NYC)
Prose & Concepts — Weight of the reign (Seattle)
Street Poets – Out ta flip (Ruffa Mix) (Boston)
Da Youngsta’s ILLY Funkstaz ‎– I’ll Make You Famous (Philly)
Kuku Productions (Ox, Rocky Marciano) – The Prophecy (NYC)
4izacru – i know ya style ( NYC)

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