Get It Together PT.4 (We Already Know What’s Up)

So what’s up?  please!!  we already know what it do!!  we need to get it together.

Aimlessly wandering through the Babylon wilderness finding out what the deal is through trial and error.

Soon we’re like protestors in Hong Kong; we’re subject to the authority!!  victimized by the reign of terror!

Whats up with it?  we stay strong!! we’re going in / gettng it in!!  in this hostile territory?  we take it there!!

What’s up with it? we need to get it together!! we can start by rebuking the hostile takeover.

What’s up with it?  some of us need to get it together!!  in need of a hot style makeover?

Some of us need to check the weather forecast by Al Roker or whoever!! but a foul joker will think they’re cunning and clever!!

Last minute heroics by who shot last? maybe Kanye West working out with  Kobe Bryant or maybe Lebron James style!! a foul one will say whatever!!

We need to get it together ;  some of my people are stressed!! so what’s up? we fight back with this good word!!  plus the sounds will blast.

Turkey said they’re together with the US and other nations as they fight ISIS; bombs are dropped and the guns blast…

A  jive  turkey said they’re trying to make it last forever like Keith Sweat now they run and sweat trying to keep up with the other Atlanta players…

Who will work with me? I’m trying to get it together!! I’m putting work in son but jokers are shady like grand juries in Ferguson; some might understand a brotha when I say prayers!!