Filling Up This Canvas Pt 2

I was caught in a moment of time, now filling up this canvas.

Caught up trying to handle business  before  it handles us.

#HumpdayExtravaganza is taking place as #iPhone logic is dropped.

Trump cards are played when this spaced out knowledge is dropped.

Trump types get played by Obama types when knowledge is dropped about so called radical Islamic terrorism.

Code words / political talking points? In love or war who’s fair with them?

Writing code: this good word? I share with them and those while filling up this canvas.

The mode is breakbeat scientific: who’ll understand us?

Where did the mothership land us? It’s a world of trouble per Lou Rawls.

Doing the dirty work like Kurt Rambis LA Lakers showtime per Magic Johnson / James Worthy: fakers play me like I’m unworthy but a dude still balls.

Still Representing

Rocking Louisville Cardinal gear all week, we’ve been representing!

It’s in honor of Muhammad Ali, he was called home to another dimension.

Muhammad Ali called Louiville home but he was a citizen of the world.

Today? Motorcades / funeral processions cruise down Muhammad Ali Boulevard and the rest of Louisville’s West End: previously per First 48 episodes the drama unfurled.

Ongoing charades were stressing the constituents, it’s hard on the boulevard / avenue!

Socio / political / economic policies were meant to unravel you!

They even made me travel to the ATL so I could improve my conditions!

It’s rough down here but God is good, he answered our petitions.

Still representing! Rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinal gear as I type this.

Still representing for Louisville but also in honor of Muhammad Ali, some understand what the hype is!

Last Minute Heroics – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster


Writing this at the last minute..on a Super Bowl Sunday…but its still on time!

Last minute heroics needed like The NewYork Giants? check this word from these stoics…word from the Brothers Johnson?   in a minute we’ll be Right On Time!

Last minute heroics like Newt Gingrich needs? please!! I’m having to fight for mine!! what? my freedom!! its like this and like that!

Fighting like in Syria …but minus the mass hysteria…I’m in a discrete mode…but a lot was gained; as we put it down like this and like that!

Some will get shut down like Megaupload!! but we fight that all the way down to the last minute!

….Minus the mega millions ..but from Alpha to Omega its thorough; were in it to win it!

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Getting Back In Sync PT.7 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster


Trying to get back in sync….but its like the referees in the Miami Heat-Chicago Bulls match up today..haters throw salt into the game!

The devil is in the details!! like European governments cracking down on tax evaders…as we  batch up brand new funk …we sit on the brink of disaster…whose caught up in the game?

Like casualties to the heavy fog and smoke on I-75 in Florida..on another level its the same time Republicans hold their primary ..a coincidence is more than a coincidence..

Whats up with ya?  they ask this dude..told them I’m not acting casually…I’m taking this to another level the feelings from a controlled substance…

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Chilling Out….Low Key…The Blogster Edition – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

Chilling Out….Low Key…The Blogster Edition – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


I’m just chilling out; low key with this!! that fact was mentioned in other areas!

Real with this thing!!! outside soaking up October sun rays just at the moment the Sun moved from Libra to Scorpio; checking the scenarios!

Not Hunting For Red October ;  I’m too busy going for what I know!! observing the scene from the barrios to the ghettos; from Wall Streets to settlements in the Palestine!

Whose liberated like Libya? they ask me..what’s the deal with ya? told them I’m dedicated to the truth and reality; but some will get foul with me because I’m going for mine!

Searching for proof; Scorpios are like that!! digging in the gold mine like San Francisco 49er’s wasn’t beneficial!

Whose broke? owing the banks plus the company stores..whose rolling with low creditscores..were the ratings official?

Facing Opposition – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

Facing Opposition – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


As we proceed and continue; check out the brand new funk and this composition!

True indeed!! its based on being Caught Up; but we know what’s up..we got wise to the set up; so we pulled out of the competition!

It’s like the GOP vs Pres. Obama …we’re facing opposition from the devil and his advocates!

But were playing our position; check this breakbeat science….we just had to come back with this!

We’re dropping mathematics ..but still dealing with fanatics..realizing I’m out of sync with this; earthlings have too many issues!! I’m trying to get on the one with the universe!

…..Brink of disaster business as usual is rebuked by this futuristic mystic whose trying to reverse the curse!

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Summing Up The Consequences…Once Again..

THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Summing Up The Consequences…Once Again...


As usual a bruh is doing the mathematics; I had to sum up the consequences!

Acting like I knew!! but I had to Return To Forever to consult with the Sorceress!

That was word from WCLK 91.9 here in Atlanta..understand a bruh? just doing the forensics; now check the rhetoric as we get to the source of this and that!

Making sense of this and that though; life is hectic!! drama is like Syria’s..who can bear witness to this and that?

Some are mad at a bro because I didn’t get with this and that..please!! I wasn’t a clone!

I was playing it like this and like that and a during the critical stages of development;  understand a bruh?…we’re facing conflicts like Cowboys and Aliens!! flowing through the stream of consciousness; but played like I was in Libya in a no fly zone!

What’s The Deal? A Question I Keep Asking Myself….PT.8 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster

What’s The Deal? A Question I Keep Asking Myself….PT.8 – omanxl1’s Blog – Blogster.


Whats the deal?  damn!! that’s a question I keep asking myself!

Trying to keep squares out of my circle; damn!! a bruh can’t get any rest!

Whose gonna pass the test? it’s not a scan sheet with multiple choices on to leave high school you don’t have to take it..this brotha is riding for freedom!

Whose riding with me? some talk a good game like Ratko Mladic ..I see them but wouldn’t want to be them!

Hiding behind the tough or boisterous talk like the so called WizardofOz behind the curtain!

….Or the so called Wiz per Diana Ross and Michael Jackson; all up in the action? at the end of the day whose hurting?

Read the fine print and clause in the contract; dealing with shady ones similar to Hamid Karzai; knowing for certain were dealing with a weird entity!

Solitary confinement is self imposed; please!! unlike Janis Joplin they weren’t taking another piece of my heart!! I was feeling the weird energy!

Winds of change were blowing like the tornadoes in Joplin; or down south!

Strange like home girl Cameo talked about; but some like it..they even followed her down south!

The Custody Battle…The Saga / Struggle Continues..

The Custody Battle…The Saga / Struggle Continues...


The custody battle was bitter!! wasn’t kept quiet like Arnold’s love child…there was a lot of he said she said involved!

Whats up with me? in the hooptie out on I-20 in Atlanta..the trunk will rattle; fireman’s lingo? the fire is fully involved!

Fire like the Ohio Players!! using funk  in our battles with gringos ruling the empire; problems solved by the DJ in the mix.
Might have saved someones life when the breakbeat science is kicked!

Whose in a bag after they were tricked?  word from Robert Palmer..demons, jackals and other jokers wont let you have any peace!

Auras are under attack!! my folk will have to pray to the east!

….To say the least; might need to go to the synagogue or temple or a secret garden; homie told me to recognize what a pimp do!

…To say the least…the smoke and mirrors enhanced by the fog made things complex that are simple….

Down here in Atlanta…understand a bruh or he’s going off like John Chaney against John Calipari!! but there’s no secret; authorities wont grant a pardon!

Down here in Atlanta..jokers are out of control like Oscar De La Hoya;  what’s the deal with ya? all up in the spot..Reason Gave Way To Madness…so what you starting?