Dario D’Attis & Definition featuring Jinadu ‘Dreamcatcher’

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday!! New Music Friday will also be the move..

The saga / struggle continues!! let the music play? of course that’s the motto, that’ll be the move..

What’s on these menus? what’s that your trying to prove? inquiring minds ask a brotha!!

More than local venues are rocked, unlike the White House concerning police shooting of black men; open season on a brotha?

Local, national, international and intergalactic venues are rocked!! we’ll house them per this track by Dario D’Attis & Definition featuring Jinadu ‘Dreamcatcher’

Check out the track, plus these mathematics; O-Zone / O-Dizzle? this team is coming out with a fresh batch for ya..