Moving Forward: Now What’s Next? (Part Eight)

Vagabonds not following a code of conduct? that’s the accusation met as we move forward!

Strong bond with so called losers fighting the corrupt, showing supreme courage far from a coward!!

Responding in a breakbeat scientific manner, asking what’s next? what’s the prognosis? what’s the antidote to a crisis birthed in a corporate boardroom?

Faith? on this Sunday morning it’s tremendous / stupendous in the sport, we ignored the prophets of doom!

But we see what some are on, like the GOP and Trump; loyalty shown to the wolf in sheep’s clothing?

But we see what some are on, rolling with the snake in the grass posse! soon we’re experiencing more fearing / loathing!

Check this out at Moving Forward: Now What’s Next? (Part Eight)

Clearance Rack Epiphanies (Seasons / Reasons Change)

What it do? seasons change/  reasons change;  summer is coming to a close.

…As I write this;  last week was the Labor Day holiday, fruits of labor come into play?  please!!  the devil will oppose.

This good word is composed as I put these epiphanies on the clearance rack like summer merchandise.

…Plus good herb type funk is composed!!  O-Dog the funky drummer gets nice.

This concept is in conjunction with the Outback Chronicles,  per being outback cutting grass.

What’s the function?  some are out of it!! they didn’t do the math, they were cutting class.

Society is corrupting the masses!! Trump taxes? Clinton health? damn!!  I can even hear footsteps in the dark.

Like Isley Brothers,  but it doesn’t surprise these brothers!! we’re conducting classes and seminars healing the scars ,we weren’t waiting in the dark.

…Like others;  camped out overnight in front of the store, waiting on the sale!

Waiting on the doors to open,  for freedom I’m still scoping!! sliding  through portals!!  out in the universe I sail.

Was the train of thought rolling off the rails when this merchandise is delivered?

The Police type King of Pain? that  type of  royalty due to lack of loyalty?  a New Birth dream merchant reminded of this business on this Terrible /Terrific Tuesday?  out in the cold I shivered.