I Was Trying To Chill But I’m Right Back In It

I was trying to chill…had the fresh view / fresh vision going…but I couldn’t  ignore it…checking out the Total Chaos and confusion; some are realizing  life is hectic!

Heard the Deliberate Falsehood..whose acting false in the hood?…..chemical weapons not used in Syria? somebody is lying!! on top of that jokers want me to take a loss;  they disrespected!

So whats good? whats hood? jokers push and shove like Chris Bosh and Tim Duncan under the basket…its not like Philly….no brotherly love  / no benevolence!

But I go back to Ice T and the Glove!!  somewhat Reckless…but I rise above the debatable circumstance!

Is there any love? were being built or torn down;  it goes down as we put it down like this!

Life is hectic….Edward Snowden or even Bangladesh garment workers can tell you that.. the saga  / struggle continues as we fight this!

Spiritual warfare its going down!!  I was trying to chill..trying to be funky fresh!!  but not rocking any Joe Fresh… but I got pulled back into it!

Whats that? the game…who can we blame? I was trying to chill!! but  I knew how the apparatus operated per NSA Prism programs… I wasn’t trying to fool with it!

Trying to deal with it!! damn!!  life is hectic!!  but if I keep it moving;  good things happen!

Trying to deal with it!! life is hectic!!  but we already knew that when we landed back on earth..the mothership I was strapped in..

Being real with it during the toil and strife;  disrespected but I proceed and continue to do my thing!

Life is hectic!!  but we prevail…God is blessing us… we continue to do the damn thing!

The Reign Began With A Drizzle PT.2

A clown left their car windows down!! now they have rain soaked carpets and cloth seats!

Windows of opportunity were left open for the reign of terror..sometimes the CIA drones missed targets…even webmasters hit alt shift delete!

I was cut from a different cloth..from the streets..now jokers acted brand new with me; were they influenced by cut up altered Dutch Masters ? soon they’re caught out there by storm troopers!

Storm chasing like cats in Oklahoma or Kansas;  who understands us?  O-Zone has this good word;  breakbeats?  O-Dizzle will loop those!

Other types of storms erasing rights and privileges?  who has the scoop on those E-5 tornadoes?

Storms are heavy!! the reign began with a drizzle!! now its all the way live!! check out the drama perpetrated by haters!

They hate because were transmitting live!! but they can’t cupid shuffle / …they’re dancing like IRS workers!

They debate irrelevant issues;  information overload?  weapons of mass distraction?  they’ll stress when they work those!

Skating on thin ice that’s affected by global warming!

Hating on these intergalactic travelers; universal!! plus we span the globe brainstorming!

Players in the ATL talked about making it rain!! but their broke asses just made it drizzle!

Plots, schemes and plays fail!! victimized by the reign that began with a drizzle!

Wide Track Pontiac Style

We kept it moving…we’re covering a lot of territory like the Mars Rover;  check out the wide track Pontiac style!

Coming through to tell the story;  the game is not over!! maybe for Miami..understand me?  sonic weapons I hid..I had to act another way…now check the style!

Coming through!!  soon Sonic Assaults are unleashed on the masses; I beseeched them to do the knowledge..some might be able to see what it do!

Others were caught up in the system / matrix by those that faked it;  tires screeched after brakes were pumped..now waiting in the dark!!  vehicles broke down!!  asking a shadetree mechanic..what it do?

Brought up in Louisville  /Newburg…some slept on us but what we knew gets us over the hump!

…like the middle of the week ; we didnt merge with the weak..they were fronting like Donald Trump!

…as we get over the hump!!  the wide track Pontiac was taking up the whole street!

As we get over the hump..Pontiac Bonneville Brougham style!!  while the foul try to hit alt shift delete!

Beats thump!! plus  O-Zone lets you know what the deal is…Lethal Weapons were held like Danny Glover and Mel Gibson!

The streets? some  dump old green Newport packs and scratch off lottery tickets on the curb ..damn!! it was over..if thats how their living!

Were not acting brand new!! in the sport we keep our guards up!! we weren’t rope a doping like Muhammad Ali!

Plus we got it covered like a wide track Pontiac!! but like Bobby Bland we know theres no love in the heart of the city!

Grey Area Scenarios PT.3

Mentioned earlier its got to be hood; based on default settings…so I’m “repping”  ghettos, settlements, and barrios!

Mentioned earlier its gotta be good!!   but sometimes its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors!! check out the grey area scenarios!

Whose fair with these or those?  please!!  some are flipping out  like Michael Adebolajo in London; how are others responding? the Uranus Pluto square is in full effect as I write this!

Whose fair with these or those? affected by the Lunar Eclipse  / Super Moon in Sagittarius…in full effect as I write this..

But I’m going in!!  rocking the hardhat with the lantern on top!! with a blow torch ready to spark this!

But mentioned earlier…sometimes its hard to see in the smoke and mirrors!! another jokes about the horrors and terrors…popular like waiting in the dark is?

…As I park this mothership on earth; stranded with these ATLiens.. now front porch or parking lot pimping!

The smell of altered Dutch Masters and Swishers blended with the honeysuckle trees!! please!! dude down here in the ATL told me I needed to catch up on it!!  but  like Macy’s Target  and other retailers swipe fees from Visa / MasterCard …. among other things ..it make things hard!!  it’s not a simple thing!

As I bounce  / pimp through this thing!!  rocking black and red Louisville Cardinal  Nike Air Maxes!!  knowing the apparatus is not fair with this!

A fresh view / fresh vision enables me to take it to the max;  check the status..haters truth or dare this!

But a sword or truth is carried out here!!  dealing with these grey area scenarios!

Staying on one accord with the heavenly father;  dedicated to the truth..but dealing with the smoke and mirrors;  whose fair with these and those?

This Is Not Transylvania

Dipping out I-20 in Atlanta…the Chronicles will tell ya..chilling out down here in the ATL; please!! it’s gotta be good!! but  this is not Transylvania!

Dealing with it!! who will understand a bruh…trying to tell ya!!  out here?  energy vampires stay busy!!  its not all good…but they’re partying like Cinco De Mayo!

Dealing with it;  but I was out of sync bro!!  but I kept shooting like OJ Mayo or Russell Westbrooks!

Staying a step ahead of Dracula’s relatives!!  time is relative?  the system  /  matrix will arrest crooks!

Actually…they’ll harass ya to clear the books like Dekalb County Georgia officers pulling over old ladies on the way to church… the system /matrix is ran by crooks…just like the architect!

Dealing with those that fake it; like McConnell and Republicans...ego and power tripping!!  please!!  these crooks show no respect!

Check it out;  as extension cords are hooked up so power can be drained!

USB cords download information / files stored;  AP reporters phones tapped..knowledge is gained!

Please!!  of course this can get messy!!! whose overloaded with information?   some maintained / some stressed!

Please!!  of course jokers stressed me!!  but like the license plate on the front of the old Caddie Fleetwood Brougham over on Candler Rd. in Decatur…I was too blessed to be stressed!

Please !! of course a snitch or hater confessed to authorities…something about whistle blowing…now methods were Draconian!

They’ll hit a switch;  drain all your energy..word from Dracula!!  its on again!

Its like the train just left the station;  the next stop is Transylvania!

Just trying to maintain.…..as I transcend and transform;  but a hater has more pain for ya!


As We Proceed / Just Trying To Maintain

As we proceed and continue….just trying to maintain…but  I see jokers are trying to play me the other way!

…..like I just got off the boat…. like I just got here the other day!

That’s why I have to play this thing another way … might fire missiles like North Korea!!  dealing with the mass hysteria…I’m keeping a lot of tools in my toolbox!

But not a shadetree mechanic over in Decatur Georgia working on the Mitsubishi Eclipse just to get a rock / hit… as I get breakbeat scientific it;  just like a ring of fire eclipse...at the end of the day?  they say that fool rocks!

Almost flipping out like your typical fanatic;  not planting questions in this scripture like the IRS vs The Tea Party….its not that kind of party…you know a fool knocks the hustle;  like that old catch phrase  / cliche they were cock blocking!

Almost skipping out like jokers not paying the rent around the first of the month..but I decided to stick and stay like old girl would say….so now I’m block rocking!

As we proceed…just trying to maintain…. ripping out a page of the Louisville brothas handbook.

True indeed….. Muhammad Ali style!! mind to mind or  hand to hand combat with a crook!

But O-Dizzle had hook lines and his own beats;  so we hit them with the street funk!

Whats the dizzle?  alt shift delete is the systems game plan!!  so were rolling discrete; other jokers were down here in the ATL talking about getting crunk!

Another fell trying to get a dunk on the fast break!!  they lacked the vertical!

A brotha like me will proceed and continue;  like Isleys I had work to do!

Grey Area Scenarios PT.2 / Smoke and Mirrors In Full Effect

Yellow caution tape is up around the construction site where the elaborate fantasy is built!

Like the so called IRS Tea Party Scandal?  more than some can handle? awesome was the response from tourists!!  corruption excites them!!  on this trip they feel good / guilt!

What about dark money political groups like Karl Rove and Crossroads GPS?….flaws some accent!!  thought and fashion police interrupt the flow;  they felt the process was cumbersome!

But life is hectic!!  how did some move? how did they  roll?  check the karma…now they’ll get whats coming to them!

O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them;  he’s in breakbeat scientist mode!

O-Zone is running the numbers on the calculator…doing the math..peeping game;  the grey area scenarios?  its like interpreting the DaVinci Code!

Angels and Demons were creeping in the game!!  spotted the Clash of the Titans!

Semen is implanted in the daughter of chaos!! now some will take a loss…what did it cost? I was told to Remember The Titans!

Please!!  this club member enlightens;  smokes and mirrors made me focus!

Neptune in Pisces was blamed for the deception perpetrated by the bogus!

Check the crisis;  two sides to the game like Gemini?  the native even told me no sir!

Check the crisis per grey area scenarios;  way way out there where the lines blur!


Please!!  Midnight Star warned them!!  there’s no parking on the dance floor!

Plus parking lot tickets won’t be validated..its like the GOP and Benghazi…the foul still hated..plus they wanted more…

……the foul still debated irrelevant issues..information overload?  but now we know the score…they just wanted validation..

We  know the score…the Miami Heat should beat the Chicago Bulls? well… I don’t know…but the players like Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson think its a foul situation…

Plus parking lot pimps still kicked it down here in the ATL and up in Louisville… they weren’t just on Craiglist,  Facebook and Twitter!

Were parking the mothership on earth;  a foul situation?  a lot of these earthlings / crooks act bitter!

A brotha gets scientific;  validation wasn’t forthcoming !! nobody was checking for me..but I’m not bitter;  unlike Randy Jackson leaving American Idol..I keep on doing what I do!

Breakbeat science is dropped….were all up in the action..check the situation;  as I tell you what I knew!

Society is breaking minds!!  it crossed that red line like Syria with chemical weapons!

No validation is received!!  others were deceived by the subliminal messages they’re getting!

Now history is repeating;  Armageddon is approaching..some are still waiting on validation!

Heard history;  now mine is being told!! word from a veteran in the game now coaching!!  but those hating create a foul situation!

Giants Like New York or San Francisco

Dude was standing alone against the world…but said he suddenly felt like a giant.. from New York?  or like  Tim Lincecum from San Francisco?

Standing alone against the world!! he said he was making bread on the stock market.. like Sara Lee or Nabisco!

…in a zone;  all up in the disco inferno!! meanwhile I’m  just trying to maintain!

….other danger zone residents were flipping out!!  they had a low tolerance to the pain!

Imminent danger has some on point as  drones attack!!  they take out targets and collateral damage!

Imminent strangers move into the hood..clones leave..they were underwater..they  didn’t have collateral damn it!

Dealing with it!!  O-Dizzle has the bangers..jamming on it like Newcleus!

Dealing with it!!  O-Zone seems cold;  sometimes acting brand new with this?

….told some I was through with this!!  the machine was broke down like Boeing 787 Dreamliners with bad batteries!

Others were acting clueless!!  its obscene !! but they kept going;  impossible dream finders? back with the Elaborate Fantasies? 

Auras were stolen;  finders keepers was heard from flagrant agents!

Horrors and terrors like the Boston Marathon bombing will make authorities find sleeper cells ….rolling up on those that fake it!

Smoke and Mirrors has some hostile territory residents feeling like giants!

Like New York and San Francisco winning;  when standing alone against the world?   whose compliant with that or this?