It’s All Jacked Up

So what’s really going on?  check out the Total Chaos..please!! it seems things are all jacked up!

I kept it moving though..please!!  moving targets are hard to hit!!  but Target’s server  got hacked up!

Some jokers were targets..they macked up in this piece!! they were  in the ATL dipping in Dodge Chargers!

….Or maybe Chrysler 300s..meanwhile O-Zone will keep it 100!!  to the game?  I’ll charge this!

Check out the crisis…who started this? Mohamad Morsy  was asking that the Sonic Assault   I mentioned questions answer themselves…

We’re due a rebate…paying the high prices….but in Pennsylvania that Theraflu aka herion and  fentanyl was taking jokers out…giving cancer to themselves?

Jokers were showing hate..they’ll try to sabotage your operations…then complain about the State of The Union per Obama

Broken beats and English is the essence of this discipline…so how are you living? please!! it’s all jacked up!! from the ATL to Louisville / Newburg ..from Pluto / Mars to Charlotte Mecklenburg we deal with the drama..

Broken hearts and spirits were a barometer…it’s all jacked some slacked up..they were pessimistic per a NBC / WSJ poll..

Who started it? please!! I guess it’s up to these breakbeat scientists to come up with a solution…now check out how we roll…

Life is a marathon..we kept on running…one step ahead of those that were sick with it like on the Royal Carribean cruise ship..

This is what were on…we kept gunning like Kevin Durant…check out how we kick it..this is the by product from cruising in the mothership…





Full Moon Madness / January Capricorn-Cancer Edition

Once again its on!! its like me and dude were discussing “something just ain’t right”

… That’s word from Keith Sweat!! please!! we were dealing with the polar vortex now it’s the Alberta Clipper!! but you might see me break out in a Cold Sweat per James Brown   as haters put their games down!! “they ain’t right” 

….blaming it on the full moon madness?  somebody said we can’t fight the feeling!

 Blaming it on a fool who had this?  like Chris Christie? or in Georgia some were like Nathan Shady Dealing! 

No health care?  no healing!!  please!! in Georgia? the poor will get thrown under the bus! 

Stealth when we go there!!  its the real thing / authentic when we kick it!! strategies for dealing with the full moon madness!

Check out the rest of this article at..THE SONIC ASSAULT!!!…..STEADY BOMBARDMENT!!!!: Full Moon Madness / January Capricorn-Cancer Edition.

The Arch Nemesis Is On The Premises PT.6

So whats really going on? as we proceed and continue!! might as well say 2014 is here!!  as 2013 finishes!

We still have to fight though..damn!!  everything is not working!! even the arch nemesis is on the premises!

Like the GOP vs Obamacare..old drama is carried over into the new year….hope diminishes for some while others stay strong!

…as we go there!! the drama is local like shootings in Kirkwood / The ATL, national, international, and even intergalactic!!  I was out there but I didn’t stay long!

I was taking space walks to fix the the ISS..but now I’m down here bumping heads with earthlings!

Some were faking!!  all up in my face while I was humping like the middle of the week…. that’s how I work things!

Blue collar with it!!  the last of a dying breed!!  I worked things like old school Pittsburgh steel mills..or like Detroit before they went bankrupt!

Those who cherish a dollar? they moved jobs away !! Gil Scott Heron said we almost lost Detroit…so now we did..that’s whats up!

Now the arch nemesis is on the premises!!  some lost power!!  now they’re subject to the authority!

Operating on  somebody elses time frame!!  as these haters play mind games in a hostile territory!

Some hope a hot style will lead to fame and glory so they can stand out among the other clones!

Coping strategies fail them!!  now they’re behind schedule like UPS and FedEx!! they didn’t  recognize the arch nemesis was on the premises!!  soon they’re hit up by either car bombs in Beirut or drones!

We’re All In PT.4 (No Where To Run Or Hide In The Deep Waters)

So whats up?  we were all in!! damn!!!  were in it now..up to our necks!

Were in the deep waters surrounded by the sharks and piranhas; so you know a joker disrespects!

Like the New York Knicks without Carmelo Anthony …were in the line cashing reality checks; like the rest of the consumers? 

No debit or credit cards used!!  Chase Bank or Target  spell doom for us!

Whats the deal with it? oh there’s plenty of room for us!! the oceans are vast!

Whats the deal with it?  this dude had notions per Keith Sweat..I’m trying to make them last!

Whats the deal with it?  the podcast will blast!! fueling the submarine floating through the deep waters!

Trying to be real with it!!  not living in a Yellow Submarine per the Beatles!!  sharks and piranhas would creep up on us!

Trying to be real with it!  dude said I was asleep!! like packages not arriving on time per FedEx and UPS  he said I  missed the bonus!!   Rihanna’s Umbrella would have protected me from the inclement weather!

Trying to deal with it!!  floating through these deep waters!!  my kind were labeled as terrorists like the Muslim Brotherhood…so whats good? I was reminded of when I dealt with intergalactic drama!!  a fanatic said whatever!

In these deep waters?  we dealt with character assassinations..they say a brotha is up to no good!! sharks and piranhas are cunning and clever!!  but that’s how fanatics do!

There was no where to run or hide!!  but for freedom?  we continue to ride!!  doing what we do!




All Aspects Are Covered

So whats up? damn!! things are hectic / chaotic…I can see things are crazy on so many levels!

The corrupt were still handling business…doing what they do!! we’ll have to deal with so many devils!

So whats up?  a brotha is trying to hold it down…Doing What I Do!! but jokers try to sabotage my operations like Republicans did!

So whats up?  another will undermine authority;  soon were subject to the authority! nobody was showing any love!

Jokers push and shove like under NBA the boxing gloves are worn by Marvin Hagler or Muhammad Ali  or even Manny Pacquiao types!

O-Dizzle is rocking!! not haggling with another about his freedom? …please!! you know Public Enemy said don’t believe these hypes!

O-Zone types these good words into the Samsung phone…every now and then the loose leaf is hit up with the black ink pen!

Danger zones are ripe with strangefruit…I told shorty not a damn thing has changed!!  that’s what this black man is thinking!

So whats up?  clones wander through the territory! but not everbody was impressed by the deals made Israelis concerning Iran’s Nuclear Program…

So whats up?  drones wander through the territory like it was Pakistan!  so whats up man? whatcha knowing?

The corrupt were still handling business….all aspects were covered…local national international and even intergalactic…

Whats up with us?  were still handling business before it handles us….its of the breakbeat scientific variety…thats the essence of this discipline..all aspects were covered….as we rebuke a fanatic…






Is It Some Type Of Weird Science?

Its like the crisis in Syria…I’m checking out the chaos and confusion…using a fresh view and fresh vision to interpret the weird signs!

Damn!! seeing what the deal is…my taking a loss was an option;  the apparatus they said I was working with a weird science!

Officials were faking the coin toss!!  but check the status..I’m rocking mine but …whispers and sideways glances show the disapproval!

Shaking off the paranoia…peeping game…spotted the paranormal;  as jokers act like Boehner supporting Obama concerning Syria..some brand new with a bruh!

Like they took the wrapper off; whats up with another?  the by-product revealed twisted / weird minds!

Dangerous like Michael Jackson mentioned!! I paid attention…I  wrote this on his birthday;  does that make it a weird science?

Strange with this?  weird with mine?  before I was banned from Blogster I told a joker to read between the lines…but actually I believe some are tired of thinking!

Its the end if the day?  some will find out the O-Dizzle funk was stinking!

….plus O-Zone was like Diana Nyad swimming from Cuba…I didn’t quit..I  wasn’t blinking when staring into the eye of the tiger!

….That’s word from this danger zone updated upgraded 60’s type freedom fighter!

At the concert real bic  lighters flick…not the app…as bass treble and tone from the disco inferno set the roof on fire!

Lights for those waiting in the dark!!  …..was it a weird science that was dropped on the empire?

Running Through A Gauntlet

Whats the deal?  how does the corporal punishment  feel?  its like were running through a gauntlet!

Was it real? hazed like FAMU band members? now  the suspension is over…though…now some turn their swag on even though theyre stressed; damn!!  they’re bragging and boasting!!  they fronted and flaunted!

Whats the deal? please!!  we “got out minds right ” ….amazed while West Coasting!!  of course it was after we hunted and gathered!

Whats the deal? we “got our minds right” the question;  too blessed to be stressed?  now collecting thoughts that were scattered!

Earlier? it was like we were in Cairo Egypt… we were bruised and battered like Cam McDaniel at Notre Dame… due to running through the gauntllet!

We cruised through the galaxy!!  smooth like Karo Syrup….thats whats up!!  its  like we were really doing something!!  but the house was haunted!

Whose getting foul with me? we used this breakbeat science to break cycles and curses;  we were chasing away ghosts and demons!

Check the mechanical engineering;  God is not through with me yet…angels were rocking hardhats and lime green safety vests!! putting it down like engineers from Siemens!

Checked out what a fanatic will do!!  loathing and fearing...soon building a gauntlet for the next man to go through!

Check the corporal punishment…check out these mathematics….but they won’t qualify us for sanctification;  there’s still a lot we have to go through!

So we’re not astonished by it..we act like we knew…soon winning championships like Usain Bolt..

Others were abmonished about it..they spoke up like Harry Lennix vs The Butler….its rough running through the gauntlet…others told a damn lie…I stayed away…refusing to get hit by the lightning bolt..

Clearance Rack Epiphanies / The End Of Summer Sale

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies..whats the deal with these? …its  just in time for the end of summer sale!

Any clearance given? please!! some will make it happen like Benghazi jailbreaks...but some  can’t make it happen…they’re waiting in the dark…some will fail…

Any clearance given? please!!  in Egypt pro-Morsi protesters find out the system is not fail safe…others were like Eric Snowden in Russia getting open..some will fail!

Any clearance given? none needed for NSA surveillance…who knows what the deal is? whose understanding? a Bradley Manning type will run and tell…

Any interference ? please !! from Sanford Florida to the Fruitvale Station you should be able to tell what it do!

I continue to steer this mothership to some safe haven / safe harbor / fruitful situation;  trying to act like I knew!

The service desk hands merchandise back to you;  they had a no return policy!

At your service with this!!  based on what was learned…..check out the clearance rack epiphany!

The good word is dropped!! I had a whole sack full;   but not trying to act a fool…rocking backpacks like Boston Bombers!

No modified crockpots!! but accidentally stepped on crack pipes on Glenwood Rd in Decatur;  plus dude try to tell me where the bomb herb was!

… the revenge of the nerds is in progress ; check the Deliberate Falsehood ….from Wall Street to your street Gus and Herb were handling business!

Meanwhile we went on a binge……splurging…check out these clearance rack epiphanies to find out what the deal is!

The Storm Passed Through / Waiting In The Dark

A storm just passed through the Atlanta  area;  now there’s a power outage!

Now were waiting in the dark..waiting on Georgia Power …so they can  ‘go all out ” with it!

They had vehicles waiting in park / waiting to be deployed;  but these days?  jokers are slacking!

The blue-collar style played out!!  especially since Detroit is bankrupt …plus banks corrupt the masses …meanwhile ATLiens give classes on macking!

Whose chasing a dollar?  NSA was tracking them!!  they knew all the habits!

Whose casing the joint?  holla if you hear me!!  ….magicians had hats full of rabbits!

Whose casing the joint?  ATLiens smash and grab it!!   they were waiting in the dark !! caught in a moment of time!

During these critical stages of development thought and fashion police had vehicles waiting in park;  the arch nemesis?  an opponent of mine!

Breakbeat science?  it’s a component of mine!!  the brand new funk and this good word!

Waiting in the dark?  naw!  I didn’t waste my time.. please!!!  its gotta be good!!  you heard?

Waiting in the dark?  naw!  others said they were following hunches!!  saying all they had to do was wait..that didn’t work out….

Hating per George Zimmerman? ? that’ll spark an uprising…no free lunches…check the Justice For Trayvon rallies nationwide…per Willie Hutch brothas are gonna work it out..


Clearance Rack Epiphanies / The Summer Solstice Sale

Check out these clearance rack epiphanies; whats the deal with these?  this is the Summer Solstice Edition!

As I post this around the time of the Super Full Moon in Capricorn…what are we on? no security clearance given like NSA contractors!!  like Eldridge Cleaver Souls Are On Ice;  the Lord we have to petition!

The so called expert was posted up..a super fool / coon facing scorn? ..they caught interference after dropping in to see what condition their condition was in!

That was per Kenny Rogers and the First Edition …meanwhile deliverance from evil was the mission!

Hazardous materials in the atmosphere when O-Dizzle is rocking this? its  based on a preminition he puts it down like this!

What we have is spiritual…thats the dizzle!!  unlike Edward Snowden trying to ride out  O-Zone was trying to find out!!  after seeing things go down like this!

Danger zone residents find no benevolence; whatcha knowing?  World Refugee Day highlights this!

Bangers rattle the trunk in the hooptie as I ride down I-20 in Atlanta;  listening to the Fugees …meanwhile over in Decatur jokers tell me how tight it is!

Oh yeah!! its tight in these hoods…minds aren’t right like Tiger strangers were down with other haters;  so the fight is ongoing like in Syria / the Middle East!

Oh yeah!! some are still blessed with the goods per these clearance rack epiphanies…its not strange for us to keep praying;  thats how we make it!!  as we continue to fight the beast!

Whose paying the price / the most or least?  crooks were like  oil companies…they were price gouging!

Gamblers were out for a fast buck … on vacation…lounging!

Others are scrounging up small  check out these epiphanies we put on the clearance rack!

Not down with crooked types…Dick Cheney’s Carlyle Group / Booz Allen Hamilton; so who has clearance for that?