Excuse Me / I Beg Your Pardon

Excuse me,  I beg your pardon; reality was playing a part when these ghetto editorials are dropped.

Lose me with the madness your starting like violence in Jerusalem!! during territorial disputes some were violent / vicious while O-Dog cosmic slopped

Use me like an instrument? in some episodes that’s what the Lord did!!  I stay on one accord with him.

Using instruments and this good word? oh yes!!  O-Dog is on the mothership and I’m on board with him.

Out on I-20 in Atlanta? I Dipped in the Honda Accord with him like Neo and Morpheus in that Lincoln Continental.

Who will understand a bruh? How did they respond to a bruh who’s po pimping  like Do or Die? breakfast was continental.

…At the Red Roof Inn; we raise the roof again or might even set it on fire like it’s the Trammps and Disco Inferno; burn baby burn!! Why ask why?

The truth game is played; other methods were used, some had weed under heat lamps so somebody can burn baby burn!! others will use herbal Viagra and alcohol like Lamar Odom; Why ask why?

Whatcha been through? O-Zone arrogant and aloof?  excuse me /  I beg your pardon but it’s rough out here!! 

Whatcha been through? who’s fair with it? slick like Planned Parenthood per the deliberate falsehood? excuse me /  I beg your pardon but it’s rough out here!! 

Let the healing process begin!!  excuse me /  I beg your pardon but it’s rough out here!!

Let the healing process begin!!  your dude was bruised and battered out here on the frontlines of spiritual warfare. 


It’s Still Going Down Over Here In These Attack Zones!!

It *Keeps Flowing*  like The Ohio River up by Louisville; cooling off Chickasaw and Shawnee Park, back in the day a brotha was chilling!!

*Going for what we’re knowing* trying to move forward through this Dark Mysterious World!! moving swiftly!! but some are through dealing!!

They had to fall back like Darren Wilson after the shady dealling!!  I even found out about the real thing, now fixing matrix glitches!!

Messages left?  I didn’t call back, some didn’t do the math!!  Ecological Ignorance will alter their fates!! hood representatives said *snitches end up in ditches*

*Messages In The Song*  are left;  oh!! it’s our rebuttal as a hater skates on thin ice due to global warming when Al Gore gave them a warning!!  but I see some are posted up with Ted Cruz climate change deniers!!

Funk Seminars are back in business; this is what a bruh will do!!  oh!! it’s straight from the Mothership after consulting with aliens!!  Intergalactic!!  but damn!! the Cutlass Supreme was stolen from where I parked it!!  I was mad but I wasn’t amongst the town criers!!

Some “parked it on the dancefloor” when Midnight Star told them not to do it!! but those damn liers said it wasn’t them!!

I knew the score like bad guys supposedly winning in Baltimore so I act like you knew it!! but I wasn’t through dealing!!

But I was through chilling!! damn!! now I’m back in these attack zones!! I was fired on just as I came through the door!!!

Jokers thought I was shady like Planned Parenthood officials!! Ted Cruz and Donald Trump types try to team up against this endeavor!!

Ties I sever; the Deliberate Falsehood was the straw that broke the camels back!! I was like the name of this blog; What’s Really Going On?

Non believers were Cavalier like Cleveland!! acting false in the hood!! I was under attack as soon as I entered this zone!!!