SoulFul House

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way!

O-Zone? a positive dude check the attitude! expecting a terrific outcome now check out the celebration as we let the music play!

Zones get lit per this local / national / international and intergalactic format, we’re setting off this O-Dog Day Party!

This is the Pisces Full Moon edition! per the upcoming Fall Equinox we’re providing spiritual nutrition, I told the apparatus and the apparition not to start with me..

..with a crisis that’s new and improved, O-Dizzle showed / proved with this Soulful House Mix..

It’s courtesy of DJ Jose Guillen, check the playlist and the mix to see how he’s dealing as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!

track List:

00:00 Jerem A – You’ll Be True To Me (Original Mix)

05:34 Johnny Corporate – Sunday Shoutin’ (Dr Packer Extended Remix)

12:00 S.E.L – Melodic Harmony (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Vocal Remix)

18:19 Mistura – Runnin’ (Dr Packer Remix)

24:10‘ Pockets – Work it Out (Dave Lee Redemption Mix)

29:54 Double Exposure – Everyman (Dam Swindle Remix)

35:09 Brian Power – Time After Time feat Lifford (Extended Disco Mix)

40:57 Race Of Survival (Richard Earnshaw Extended ReVibe)

46:50 DJ Mark Brickman & Yam Who feat Suki Soul – Sweet Talk (Extended Mix)

52:58 White Soul Project Feat. Karmina Dai – Good Lovin (Original Mix)

58:20 Just Beat Production & Gary Adams – All My Love (Just Beat Production Vocal Mix)

1:03:59 Dimitri From Paris x Fiorious – Music Saved My Life (Marshall Jefferson Extended Remix)

1:10:22 I Don’t Need

1:15:45 Daniel Ingram – D.J.’s Delight (Mark Knight & Michael Gray Extended)

1:22:50 Sol Brown Feat. Selina Campbell – Broken Glass (Main Mix)

1:27:43 Per QX – Everyday of My Life (Yam Who Extended Vocal Remix)

1:33:44 Rick Marshall -Candyman (Original Mix)

1:36:16 Kelli Sae – Good Love (Michael Gray Extended Mix)

1:43:50 Dave Lee & Horse Meat Disco ft. Angela Johnson – Dancing Into The Stars (Dave Lee Super Soulful Mix

1:49:35 The Shapeshifters Feat Teni Tinks – You Aint Love (Club Mix)

1:55.30Prospect Park – The Kinda Love (JKriv Kinda Boogie Mix)

Folamour – I Don’t Sleep At Night But I Wake Up At 6AM

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we try to keep this HumpDay Extravaganza going!!

Trying to pick up some momentum  / get over the hump but meeting opposition; in 2020? reality has as coming and going!!

The preacher mentioned us going through a storm like Bishop Morton Still Standing after Hurricane Katrina, sunshine and blue skies are on the horizon?  astrologers mention more rough times are on the way; reflected on per this Pisces Full Moon,  with Mars in Aries retrograding squaring that Capricorn Stellium…

We tried to reach some but they’re going through it, hopefully we’ll see them on the other side as we continue to ride; damn!! saw a fool swoon / falling in love with the world but I had a lot to tell them…

Hopefully, coping strategies won’t fail them, it’s rough out here!! I’m even like this track by Folamour;  I Don’t Sleep At Night But I Wake Up At 6AM

This is from his Ordinary Drugs project but it’ll take more than ordinary drugs to escape this madness; from Atlanta to France, check the circumstance!! meanwhile we’re back with this,  good word dropping and good music playing!!

Check this out at Folamour – I Don’t Sleep At Night But I Wake Up At 6AM