Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, that’s the vibe exhibited can you dig it?

This also can be considered a Fabulous Friday, who’s ready to ride with me as we blast off into the galaxy? I-20 in Atlanta is the runway, can you dig it?

We see how some play, those jokers will try to rig it up like Bill Barrinterfering with the rule of law..

We see how some play, they’ll raise the glass ceiling or the bar but we’ve got this Friday Feeeling with plans to go far!! even there’ll be a flaw.

..or maybe two so what it do? we’re O-Dog Day Partying in the midst of the ongoing madness causing us to shelter in place…

Check out how we kick it during Covid 19 and systemic racism the twin pandemics; per Flashback Friday?  we’ll jam on it with this DANCE REMEMBER MIX BY STEFANO DJ STONEANGELS;  check the playlist and the mix as we rock this place!!


Funky Disco House By Cole 2020 (Player)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; retro – futuristic is how this work will be…

…taking it back to the future,  internal and external injuries due to the time traveling in need of a suture, so who’ll work with me?

Mystery unraveling while carrying the sword of truth, no need for Trump fact checking like Twitter..

Ain’t that a shame“; sorry,  but it’s easy to be caught up in the system / matrix / game, soon bitter!!

Realizing that it’s all game!! back in Louisville / Newburg Mr Cole warned me but this player /  “don’t stop get it getter” keeps it moving..

O-Dog Day Partying not out here selling out like Mark Zuckerberg, not rolling like that!! listening to this Funky Disco House By Cole 2020 (Player); check out the playlist and the mix as we keep grooving!!

01. Crazibiza – So in Love (House of Prayers Remix)

02. Crazibiza – Over You (Original Mix)

03. Block & Crown, The Giver – Jackin’ Cola

04. Phats & Small – Turn Around (Hey What’s Wrong With You) (Babert Remix)

05. Ivan Kay – Cuba Cuba

06. Crazibiza – Freak Like (Original Mix)

07. Rick Marshall – Time To Let Go

08. Block & Crown, Marc Rousso – I Want To Thank You (Clubmix)

09. Daniele Mistretta – Show Me The Way (Original Mix)

10. French La Touche – C’mon Get Up (The Fabulous Joker Remix)

11. ATFC feat. Inaya Day – Reach Out To Me (Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez Remix)

12. Sean Finn, DJ Wady, Moondark – Pasilda (Original Mix)