We Kept It Moving / That’s The Main Strategy

As we proceed and continue!! what’s the deal?  keeping it moving is the main strategy!

True  indeed!! what’s on the menu?  life is a marathon!!  you have to keep moving!! it’s rough out here like drama still going down in Iraq.. but I couldn’t let these  episodes baffle me!

I couldn’t let the apparatus gaffle me!! it’s  slick like Karzai  trying to cut a side deal with the Taliban..whats’ up man? I learned early on that a moving target is hard to hit!

Oh yeah!!  they had me for a moment!! like ads bamboozled and hoodwinked men into getting Low T medication…check out  the situation..they were  wanting me to quit or forfeit!

Oh yeah!!  I know the sport can get complex!!  word from a veteran in the game!! now like Pete Carroll I’m coaching!

I know that it’s a cold world per the polar vortex and Alberta Clipper!!  somebody said Armageddon is approaching!

I kept it moving..running like an LA Clipper against the Miami Heat..natural gas and heat per the Keystone XL  or Enbridge Alberta Clipper?  encroaching across the line of scrimmage like Malcolm Smith jacking up Peyton Manning?

Somebody said I was slipping into darkness like War… they’re praying I’ll have more understanding!

Spiritual warfare is going down!! I’m  laying in the cut!!  the mothership was landing me back down to earth!

As I get with ya!!  I proceed and continue…I kept it moving…that’s the main strategy.. I’m finding out what it’s all worth!

I proceed and continue…I kept it moving….one step ahead of toothpaste bombers in Russia..

I proceed and continue…I kept it moving…but “it ain’t nothing nice” ….I felt the pressure


They Were All Over It

I checked it out..how things were going down..like the New York gun control law I could see some folk were all over it!

But the vehicle soon wrecked…like weak iPhone5 sales…the aircraft crashed and burned;  is it all over with?

I see through the madness…as politicians threatened to go over it..the fiscal cliff!

Positions were clarified but somebody lied!!!  during the past holiday season there was no gift!

Positions? please!!  some information was classified….  Bradley Manning types lifted it!  soon it’s on Wikileaks!

Divisions or districts dealt with the  information overload;  like Eli Manning it didn’t mode well for ongoing winning streaks!

..not for Peyton Manning and Denver Broncos either!!   Baltimore Raven types wreaking havoc will be the plan!

Championships like Danny Manning in Kansas?  take a poll or Census…maybe you’ll understand!

The mothership lands on earth….in the midst of Superstorm Sandy type of situations!

So a brotha gets scientific…intergalactic…multi-dimensional...so  whats it all worth?  what were the indications?

So a brotha gets scientific…rebuking  crooks like the ones at NRA trying to front on Obama…

Ignoring a neurotic fanatic…like the mass hysteria in Syria...all they bring to the table is drama..