Somewhere In Between

Damn!! it seems we’re in a holding pattern like jets near Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta!!

But what’s up with the chemtrails from the worlds largest airport? oh yeah!!   is it Brian Howard’s fault for trying to set the fire at the Chicago airport?  who’s fair in the sport?  inquiring minds want to know these things ..somebody might understand a bruh.

I’m observing the scene;  soon I’ll be ready to roll!!  I’m on my way like the People’s Climate March they had in NYC.

Now check the climate!! I didn’t climb it!! what? Mt. Ontake in Japan!! the volcano erupted!!  to the hikers found? R.I.P

Now check the climate!!  some of these ATLiens were  fake!!  now corrupted!! criminal minded / you’ve been blinded per KRS-1 / BDP?

Peace? I’m trying to find it!! where?  somewhere in between!!  observing the grey area scenarios;  you heard me?

Somewhere in between Syria and Iraq like ISIS with their compounds being bombed?

Check the mass hysteria;  I’m rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie with the bass booming!!  Decatur thought it was being bombed!

Somewhere in between a thug and scholar caught up because of a dollar!!  they had us coming and going.

Somewhere in between success and failure; in the mothership?  I sail on!!  still going for what I’m knowing.

Somewhere in between a brotha will get scientific like a cloaking device!! but knowing opposition will be met per Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather…

Somewhere in between? next level business is conducted!!  these days? it’s going down in any kind of weather!!