It’s Official

Once again its on!!  we try to take Steve Millers advice and fly like an eagle!

Once again its on!! but in Babylon hustles are Merrill Newmann  over in North Korea…check the scenario…an official throws a flag  talking about an illegal procedure!

Once again its on!!  I see you!  an official of the apparatus!! laying in the cut like the DeKalb County motorcycle patrolman!

Once again its on!!  intelligence is artificial!!  like Star War troopers  clones were programmed!  files uploaded and updated!!  I see how they roll man!

This is not belligerence!! oh no man!!  far from it!!  this art is official!! damn!!  the  information overload was a good thing!

Check these clearance rack epiphanies!!  just in time for the holidays!!  but in street mode..this is a hood thing!

God blessed us!! thats whats up with these!!  it’s not a knock on wood thing!!  this is official!

It’s not odd!!  thought and fashion police stressed us!! was it because this is genuine?   authentic?   that’s how we get with ya!

So called officials get with ya like French troops in the Central African Republic!!  but usually they’ll neither confirm or deny!

We deal with these and those!!  we spotted them when we circled the block..its like Pearl Harbor..some will get hit up in the drive by!

They were the ones that told the ultimate lie!!  now all up in the spot?  the morale is low!

We weren’t the ones!!  during the ongoing drama the profile is kept low!

We weren’t the ones!!  we checked the flow!!  priorities shift!!  the Sun moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius!

But we are the ones that are official!!  knowing how the sport will go!  avoiding those that are nefarious!