Miles Davis – Freddie Freeloader

Sunday Jazz Continues, check out these menus as we come through with this Sunday Brunch based on this East Coast  time frame..

It’s been a wet Sunday morning in Atlanta, as storms hit the Southeast; to my people over in Mississippi blessings and peace!! plus it’s rough down in Troup County Georgia as the disasters continue to play a mind game..

Focused, putting it down like this making sure my game is tight, getting breakbeat scientific per 20 / 20 hindsight!! digital crate digging is involved per kicking things off with Miles Davis and his classic track Freddie Freeloader..

Similar to Bobby Womack’s Harry Hippie? reminded of this song when I was walking through the streets of Atlanta, folk were holding cups full of change like an usher or deacon with the collection plate looking for contributions from peeps that walked by;  as I continue to say its rough out here!!

Some have legitimate excuses for being down and out, even customers are tipping less out in these establishments but a couple of cats looked like they were “trying to get their hustle on” they had fresh drip and Air Jordan’s on;  I guess its like that, it’s  the times we’re living in / it’s how they’re trying to operate “out here” .

…anyway, check out the players and the track, enjoy Miles putting it down like this!!

This is from his Kind Of Blue album so y’all should know what it do / what’s happening!! he’s putting it down like this!

Check this out at Miles Davis – Freddie Freeloader


Miles Davis Quintet – S’Posin’

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out as we do our due diligence as a Sunday morning shifts into a Sunday afternoon!

The saga / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on, but success is attained real soon!

The saga / struggle continues as we do our due diligence from a breakbeat scientific perspective, we’re checking out this classic material cousin!!

Check out these menus as we come through listening to The Miles Davis Quintet with the classic cut  S’Posin’  

..This was supposedly the first quintet put together by Miles…these cats are working it out!! 

Check out the all star / hall of fame players and the swinging track as they go all out!


Miles Davis (Trumpet)  

John Coltrane (Tenor Saxophone) 

Paul Chambers (Bass)

Red Garland (Piano)

Philly Joe Jones (Drums)

“My Groove, Your Move” by Hank Mobley

Sunday Jazz Continues on conjunction with Digital Crate Digging Continues; some real crate digging is going down!

Digging through stacks of vinyl and cassettes, relaxation the sound begets; it’s going down!

O-Zone will holla back with this good word that upsets the thought and fashion police; they’ll try to shadow ban. 

Sanctions like Russia per their invasion of Ukraine? from over there to here in Atlanta my people feel the pain! 

Maintaining with this sound, check this out, we  had to the blow the dust off this one!!

 We’re checking out  “My Groove, Your Move” by Hank Mobley; the players rolling with him?

Check this out at “My Groove, Your Move” by Hank Mobley