Is It Some Type Of Weird Science?

Its like the crisis in Syria…I’m checking out the chaos and confusion…using a fresh view and fresh vision to interpret the weird signs!

Damn!! seeing what the deal is…my taking a loss was an option;  the apparatus they said I was working with a weird science!

Officials were faking the coin toss!!  but check the status..I’m rocking mine but …whispers and sideways glances show the disapproval!

Shaking off the paranoia…peeping game…spotted the paranormal;  as jokers act like Boehner supporting Obama concerning Syria..some brand new with a bruh!

Like they took the wrapper off; whats up with another?  the by-product revealed twisted / weird minds!

Dangerous like Michael Jackson mentioned!! I paid attention…I  wrote this on his birthday;  does that make it a weird science?

Strange with this?  weird with mine?  before I was banned from Blogster I told a joker to read between the lines…but actually I believe some are tired of thinking!

Its the end if the day?  some will find out the O-Dizzle funk was stinking!

….plus O-Zone was like Diana Nyad swimming from Cuba…I didn’t quit..I  wasn’t blinking when staring into the eye of the tiger!

….That’s word from this danger zone updated upgraded 60’s type freedom fighter!

At the concert real bic  lighters flick…not the app…as bass treble and tone from the disco inferno set the roof on fire!

Lights for those waiting in the dark!!  …..was it a weird science that was dropped on the empire?